The Hardware Megathread


Personally not interested, but glad someone is doing this. Given the few but far between new FM offerings this was due a reboot.


According to the Reddit post I linked to, someone allegedly spoke to a Korg rep about the Opsix and it’s more than just a DX7 thing. I’m curious what that means exactly, but iirc we’ll know more around Superbooth in April :weary:


Soon. Shall post a new pic of the Eurorack drum machine I am building. In the meantime, I wanted to share that my 6 year old told my wife, who was looking for me, that I was “Playing with my dance machine Legos.”



But which one costs more :thinking: :woman_shrugging:t2: :joy:


I’m looking forward to the Korg OpSix too…

The operators on a DX7 and other FM synths from what i gather are sine waves, what makes the Opsix exciting is each operator doesn’t have to be a sine wave you can choose from a selection of wave types for each of the six operators, which basically puts the legendary FM on steroids.

Nobody from Korg has said it actually does this but from reading the labels on the front panel it seems to suggest that what it does.


Then it’s like a DX100, DX11, TX81Z, and FB01. Those machines (and I think a few others) had more than just a sine waveform to use for their operators.


When the hell did Korg Release a Volca NuBass??? With a “tube oscillator”? Don’t know whether to be interested or call “gimmick”…


I think the thing Im liking most about the sample shaping options on the M:S isn’t so much about the sounds you can get but the rhythms you can get. Ive been able to get some pretty loose grooves from it.

With the given options and immediate controls its easy to adjust everything so its all in the pocket. Just a real pleasure to work with.


Came out last year. Not too sure how well it sold. To be honest it’s not bringing much new to an already crowded market. Here’s a vid that worth watching. The guy’s not a native speaker, so talks quite slowly, but he does some nice jamming at the end. He points out the usual volca flaw, which is no velocity again. Don’t know what’s up with Korg in this respect, it’s not like it is that difficult for them to do, and it makes such a difference.


The guy in that video sounds normal when you put the video on 1.25 speed. :smiley:


@TheTeknomage cool, yea, a quick glance told me there was probably nothing really new here. I’ll watch the vid for sure though (thanks).

@OuterSpace my better half listens to pod casts at increased speed, it drives me up the wall. lol


Shame on me for not checking but how does Korg iMS-20 not having fucking basic MIDI sync and transport??? You can setup it up with MIDI CC but that’s a small can of worms for such an obvious omission.

Guess Ill have to buy the Behringer clone…


Oh bro, I watch youtube at 1.25x speed. Love it, real life is so slow now.

So, weird question to the Akai guys here, can you run the audio inputs into a mixer channel and then back out the aux outs to use the standalone MPCs as an effect unit without recording the audio? Or can the effects only be applied to pre-recorded audio?

I’m still thinking about a force, and I haven’t been using my HX Effects much the past few months, so I was thinking about flipping the HX (and my old Launchpad, as that would be redundant) to help fund the Force. I mean, I’d be set to get it either way, but I’m not using these things much and if I can save the space it’d help.


Like so?

Takes a second, audio track, select input, select output, turn on monitoring and/or arm recording, add effects.


That’s perfect!

I ran shipping quotes on my packages today, just need to get all the accessories together, do photos, and list these suckers.


Hey all,
been a while since I have been on the forum. After many years of swearing I would never go down the hardware rabbit hole again, I recently started building mobile setup. I even have met up with old friends that I use to record with and tried a midi sync jam session a couple times. As you all know, the current portable hardware market is better then it’s ever been. Thought I share the start of my crazy portable setup creation. I have a used dell which I run cubase 5. I have an old fasttrack ultra that handles all my current inputs. I have a used Uno synth, volca bass, and ipad. I have a Beringer td-3 and Korg NTS-1 on the way. I will likely add on more small synth (maybe preenfm2). Might eventually add a desktop synth like korg minilogue xd module?

Here is a picture.


Yes my now defunct laptop.
Air daw it is.


That’s really cool yo. Similar story here over the past few years. Sold it all saying I only needed hardware now back again w a few pieces on the kitchen table. Ive been really curious about the Behringer synths tho it seems at least around here people like them.


@Rixtr that stinks man ;(


Couldn’t stand the GAS any longer and ordered a ‘oto Bam’, should arrive monday, just hope i get my hands on the parcel before the wife or they’ll be hell to pay :face_with_head_bandage:

So my 2020 want list had whittled down to

  1. Osmose (deposit payed)
  2. Behringer 2600