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I’d like to mock you but I ordered a Force, slightly more than £700.


edit: angry old man yells at cloud


A piece of audio equipment stoked my interest this morning on eBay that id never seen before, more info on Tuesday if i win it :grinning: , that reminds me must set up the sniper :pray:


I somehow missed this one at NAMM, its their take on the Lexicon 224XL , GAS…


They should send me one of each of their pedals as a royalty for using my name.


I love it when you’ve got a synth or whatever that you really get on with and you know the patch isn’t quite right, but if you just trust the synth and keep turning the knobs against the loop you’ve got going eventually you find that “aha” moment.


Yesterday I bought a dj controller.
Hercules Dj console rmx.


Hercules was the brand of the first controller I ever bought. DJ gear GAS is just as real as any other kind, be ware. It escalated to Pioneer CDJ/media players and my own PA lol.


Just fired her up to make sure she works, but won’t get time to give her a good listen/tweak until the weekend.


Pfft you’ve had that robot for ages, you know what is sounds like.


I prefer robots to cats :sunglasses:


Why are you turning this against me?
He’s got fucking dogs, shame the dogs!

As a side note, I’ll post pics on Thursday.

Side side note:


2/3 admins are cat lovers my friend. Tread lightly ;p


Hey ya’ll. I don’t know if anyone here has any PA knowledge or not. I currently have two passive speakers and an appropriate amp. I’d like to add a powered sub. I’m a bit confused on the logistics of setting up this PA. I guess I’m confused on how to split the signal and get it to all three speakers properly. Is there anything special I need to know? Subs I’ve dealt with in the past have had an EQ knob to adjust where the cutoff of the sub’s frequencies are so you can pair it appropriately with the other speakers’ low end.


oh hey there. i do live sound. :wink:

a lot of powered subs have an inbuilt crossover, so you’d patch your source to the sub and the high passed output can be patched to your amp/tops.

if the sub you’re looking at does not have an inbuilt crossover you’ll want to add a crossover, dbx makes a reasonably priced one and several expensive ones as well. if the sub lacks a crossover, you’d need to patch your source to a crossover unit, and then send the high outs to your top boxes and then patch the low (usually mono) out to the sub. DM me on FB if you have questions. (:


if you hate it PM me.


I may contact you later on. Don’t need to sort this until July but was going to start shopping for subs now and related gear now. As always your input is appreciated!


Yeh but the one with the secret volcanoe lair and sharks with frikkin’ laser beams doesn’t.


This is very true. Least we should all forget who is really in charge : )


rofl. Barely in charge of my own faculties. Anyway, I’ll stop straying from topic :smiley: