The Hardware Megathread


She didn’t try for my lap until I broke out the MPC :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:



Mine are completely uninterested in anything music-related, they might land on my desk for a quick sniff around but then they’re off.

But I have an old picture of Giuliano and my old setup.


Hmm. I worked on a project and now my MPC Live won’t save it o.O it just says “error” but it opens the project and plays it fine lol. Fucking glorified smartphone…

edit LOL I’m an idiot >_> I noticed in the browser the pencil with a line through it. Somehow the SD card had been set to write-protecc mode XD


4pm UK time today (approx 2 hrs time) AMSynth are going to announce the synth they have been working on with Behringer, id guess its the 2600


Behringer can’t stop won’t stop o.O


So what was it in the end?

Edit: just seen it, it looks great. No price yet?


Someone got a few details from a Korg rep on the Opsix


The USB port on my MIDI keyboard snapped and I took out the circuitboard to replace the Jack. Is the white stuff over it glue? Why would it need glue if it’s soldered?


eh…never heard of glue being used, unless the was like insolation foam around the jack to block airflow or soemthing. it is possible some sort of conductive stuff to ensure a good ground through the board…but that is a guess. I have never seen that in my servers on any connection jack. Maybe take a pic and let us all have a look-see?


Because it’s a part that gets flexed on a lot with all the plugging and unplugging. Solder is pretty weak stuff under stress at the amounts that get used on PCBs. The good way to attach them is with screws, but that’s insanely expensive at scale compared to the soldering they’re already doing. Dobbing some glue on there after the fact is likely just a cheap way to add a bit of strength to a part that’s under a lot of mechanical stress, and quiets down the customer service line with all the “my thing is borked” calls over a loose connection because someone decided to carry their synth around by the MIDI cord.

On the other hand, it could also be insulating foam or some kind of heat shielding. Got a pic of it?


As a mod I don’t know I feel about you asking pictures of white sticky stuff over gear…
On the other hand, this is the hardware mega thread, so gear porn is acceptable


Still on topic: last night I took the Volca Drum came to bed with me, the wife and 2 of the cats…



I was on the road and had a MOTU midi interface go on me. Opened it up and the whole thing was held together with super glue. A little dab of solder and hit it w a heat gun to re-connect the hot glue and it was as good as new.


Here’s the circuit board.


This could easily be my first Behringer purchase


Yeah, looks like glue for added stability.


I don’t know what an ARP 2600 is supposed to sound like, but I love the sound of this so far. And I already have a rack it would fit in lol.


Who cares what it sounds like. LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY LIGHTS!

They… call… to… me…


So the Model Samples is absolutely a brilliant sketch pad. The form factor is very small. Possibly a little smaller than a plastic (MK1) Korg ES-1. Elektron did a fabulous job of economics here. The screen is very high quality and IMO they’ve done a good job of giving you lots of readable info on that tiny screen. I also am happy to see they took a chance with a different workflow philosophy. The immediacy of having basically a knob per function really encourages playing with even straight forward samples to discover what you all you might do with one. Combined with the Mono Station and considering I’m making pretty standard house/techno if I can’t get the job done with six sample voices and a bassline or mono lead, that song idea probably just isn’t working.


I’m looking forward to the Opsix

No word on price or when it’s coming, but it looks pretty awesome. Seems to have the same 32 algorithms from the DX7 but I’m guessing it’ll probably have new features on top of that. Also, more hands on control and sliders! Yamaha should have done this first really.