The Hardware Megathread


That VS-1 looking very tempting, if i hadn’t already put down a deposit for the osmose i’d of probably got the kit.

Wonder what behringer as going to announce during NAMM, i say during as last year i’m pretty sure they set up shop down the road from NAMM, they did say they were going to make a EMS synthi at some point???

So quick round up so far…

  1. Got a deposit on osmose
  2. very tempted with VS-1 DIY ??? going to study that, see what i need for the build.
  3. As soon as Korg announce the smaller ARP2600 i’ll be all over it (i know they have one)
  4. Id love one of those FS MS20’s in the khaki green

Somehow its going to be hard to justify the sofa taking up space in my wee studio…


another MPC thingy…


Weren’t they going to clone an OB poly-synth at one point? Feels like it’s been a while since we heard about that.


Yes, looks like they’re well on their way too


maybe i’ll just wait on the Behringer as i can dig through the couch and get it with the change i find.


Been looking closer at the VS-1 DIY, i would class myself as pretty experienced at DIY now after approx 8 maybe more years of non stop building,
Ive had a good look at the bill of materials and to be honest it looks a money trap, once you have to order components from multiple companies around the globe it turns into a wallet zapper the $995 starting price will turn into $2000 in no time, looks lovely but I’m gonna walk-a-way from this one.


Behringer have a NAMM teaser video on youtube of a radio broadcasting a Usain Bolt race.

Usain Bolt = UB , i guess there a good chance in seeing the Behringer UB-xa at NAMM tomorrow.


I’m sooo jealous of those navigation buttons.


Oh shit. Elektron Samples got sample locks for all six tracks. that’s massive.


I just can’t get excited for a sampler that doesn’t sample. I know it’s a sample-based drum machine but…


I get that completely. I was looking for the least expensive but quality drum machine with options I’d actually use. I pretty much just wanted a drum loop/one shot sketch pad. I’ve very much found my happy place with getting down the main idea on hardware then finishing in my daw.

But wanting an actual sampler makes sense if you are trying to avoid the computer.


So Behringer finally did what theyve been saying for a few years now. Super cheap modular is here…


In Un-NAMM related news…

The Nord Lead 2 is a FM percussion monster. Spent some time this AM sending a midi loop of 1/2 notes into it while tweaking away and recording the results.

Chopped and drum racked up, add some LFO pitch mod and some random panning… holy hell its IDM electro breaks over here. Taking me back to the early early 2000’s in Florida.


I love the Blofeld, I just picked one up a couple months ago. It’s been a total blast to learn and utilize. For a 10+ year old synth, it can still pack some top notch sounds.


Ah man…early 2000’s was the era I regularly attended WMC Miami. I love, love, love some Miami/Florida sounds : )

The original Nord Drum was a monster so I believe it! I wish I wouldn’t have sold mine…they blew them out for like 99USD at one point. I should have bought three.


Big Moods, I remember seeing that at Musician’s Friend XD


@relic: time to consider an Mpc One?


I’ve got the MPC Live so I’m looking forward to that update.


Same, Maschine has one and it’s a great addition


oh shit. A drum synth \o/ with their Splice integration and given it’s a sampler, I kinda expected a dedicated drum synth to be one of the last things on their mind.