The Hardware Megathread


Yes, lots of peeps are really annoyed on Gearslutz.
Not like I read that forum, but if I did, I would know…


I’m really pushing myself to wait like 5 more days and see what might be around the corner. All this suggests to me there has to be something new from AKAI.


Btw even if I lean over hard and spend on a Pro 3, not getting rid of Pro 2. It will have to have something pretty special in its sound to make me want it. I don’t get excited over the OB6 combo stuff like some do and there are areas immediatley whre the Pro 3 has less oomph on paper than the Pro 2 though some it has new and cool-seeming things. Cynical me thinks that later in the year there’ll be a poly version but it would be bad marketing to announce it right now :smiley:

Worship at the altar of SEM. In SEM we trust :smiley:


crap. am i going to spend 1k USD to assemble my own? I’ve wanted a dang OB or OB clone for ever now, but not enough to sell my soul for an OB6.


I was wondering how you were going to play that because I remembered you have a Pro 2. I’m sure both Pros are good and I seriously considered the Pro 2 when I was after a monosynth. But I was worried it would soudn too much like the Rev 2. That unfortunately doesn’t change much with the Pro 3 because I have a Matrixbrute now. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I am getting along with it pretty well, and pretty consistently getting the sounds I want out of it now.

Does this mean the Pro 2 is discontinued?

And I do still want a Tempest, and that thing is almost 9 years old now. Makes me wonder if that gets a replacement.


I have no details, not in a position to give any meaningful info. However, based on the end panels alone the Pro 3 is not as good as the Pro 2 for home defense. I don’t know if this is a factor in your purchasing choices.


Had been looking for something more on the budget end of things to replace my TR8S and noticed Elektron did a price drop on the Sample. For 299 and the immediacy it offers seems like it’ll be the perfect drum sketch pad to go along with the Monostation. Also at that price point I can pay for it our right and not muck up my life with a payment plan.


Lol, it should always be a factor when purchasing gear!


Watch out. Pretty sure you have to provide the common through-hole parts yourself in addition to your labor. I hear with some of the Black Corporation synths the part costs in addition to the kit run to around $800 US, and that’s with forums and a decent community to help you pick all the right parts the first time. I assume this company that just came out of nowhere isn’t going to have that kind of community support.


Same, but still sooo expensive [quote=“White_Noise, post:1458, topic:24”]
And I do still want a Tempest


zZounds has a “blem” one for $285 even :open_mouth:


Having the Live, not interested on the MPC One, but a very good deal. Nice ins/out


Haha. I saw that. I think if I’m buying new I’ll splurge the $15 and blemish it myself!


I once bought a 2.5’ bong because the headshop owner (who was eastern European and wearing a track suit with his man fur sticking out of the top of the jacket) told me “…it is double blown Pyrex, you could beat your friend with it…” I was like I don’t know what that means, but I’ll take the bong!


I think I might have just ordered a Volca Drum.


All of the PCB’s are pre-populated.

I’m trying to find more info on assembly. I’m handy w a soldering station, and have done loads of DIY repairs, built an arduino based monome back in the day… i cant imagine that it would be THAT hard.


If it was battery-powered they might have had me (and might have made a lot of Live owners salty :joy: )

But a CV.OCD is easy enough to use with the MIDI Out of a Live, too. Those pad bank buttons on the other side are a little weird.

Still, good on 'em for releasing a $700 stand-alone MPC. I just hope that SD card slot is more flush than the one on the Live.


The best thing about this is that it pretty much proves that Akai is committed to the MPC/Force in the long run, so we will be seeing more updates.


The moment Akai releases something stand alone that has a different SoC people will lose their gd minds thinking it means their unit is about to be left behind on new features :joy: even if it only means the part is just no longer available :woman_shrugging:t2:


That’s why I was waiting to see what was going to happen at NAMM, was afraid of exactly that.