The Hardware Megathread


I need to find space for the osmose too,

I just can’t bring myself to sell gear, from what i can remember I’ve only ever sold two bits of gear, a Meeblip which didn’t bother me as i had two anyway but i sold my Electrix Warpfactory which i deeply regret, back then i had no idea about vocoders and just assumed you buy a vocoder plug in a mic and instant Mr blue sky but it doesn’t work like that i had no idea about carriers etc, i eventually sold it, dam dam dam dam dam dam :sob:

can’t remember exactly how much i payed for it brand new but i do know i sold it for the exact amount i payed for it which seem a good deal to me at the time.


sorry for replying 5 days later to your comment but from my limited knowledge the korg Wavestate isn’t a wavetable synth its a Wave sequencer.

So whats the difference? , again from my limited knowledge.

The Korg Wavestate will play a sequence of Waves, so set the sequencer to 16 steps, load 16 individual Waves into each step and the sequencer will play them in any order you want, simple.

A Wave table synth will have a number of waves in its table as you move from one wave to another usually referred to as scanning the wave will morph from one wave to the other like a DJs cross fader where as the wavestate will just play either one or the other, the wavetable synth will scan through all the waves from one to another constantly morphing to what i think is a much more pleasing sound.
A wavetable could have 2 waves in it or 500 waves in it whatever, theres no limit its all about processing power.

You could view the Wavestate in simple terms as a sample playback device where as a wavetable oscillator is far more complex with algorithms in place ensure musically pleasing morphing and scanning.


So my present take on the Korg Wavestate is i won’t be buying one.

For the number of preloaded Waves and the ways you can manipulate each of these waves plus the onboard effects makes wavestate a great package, a fabulous piece of hardware by anybody standards.

But remember this synth has nothing to do with wavetable synthesis and to be fair Korg have never said it is, and it is actually in the elektron model samples family, much more powerful only you can’t load your own samples.

if you want hardware Wavetable synthesis look at Modal Argone8, Waldorf blofeld, ASM Hydrasynth.

if a day comes where korg announce you can load your own waves then the Wavestate will become an instant buy for me.

Heres a video of somebody playing a wavetable, at first you see him set his LFO shape which will modulate how the waves are scanned, listen how they morph from one to the other.


How is it related to the elektron model:sample?
I’ve not heard that yet


Because the main function of both devices is simply to play back samples and these samples are sequenced.


Finally got around to watch this.
As expected I loved but the ending really hit me hard.
"When I am old and get put in a home, maybe that’s when I make friends’.
Being one who doesn’t like to go out and socialise, I understand that feeling.
Still, ouch.


i was under the impression from the sonicstate videos he loves talking gear and showing off his gear, he didn’t want nick to leave, wish i lived next-door :grin:


I’ve been getting afraid of not socializing enough too. One of my new-years resolutions is to get out and do stuff at least once a month. So far, I have December and January down (local artist meetup last month, friends over this weekend, dinner out with extended family next weekend). I’m hoping if I can keep it up for 6-ish months it’ll be a habit and I won’t feel like I’m not getting enough synth/music/me time. Had a day with nothing to do yesterday and got a lot out of it - several hours of videogames I’m trying to finish in the next month or so and about 45 minutes on my synths (which it turns out is enough for me to make a couple of pretty good bass sounds).

And bonus, stepping away and not trying to do music all the time has opened up new inspiration for me. Lot of kool wips right now. Anyways, to make this change so far, all I’ve had to do is stop giving myself excuses for me to not go out. Money hasn’t been an issue, time hasn’t been much of an issue, and while I don’t say much, I do make every word count and people often do appreciate my input.


Well, in my case it has a lot to do with a bad social anxiety.

No problem if I’m a client-facing account manager for work, but if I have to make a social visit, I freeze.

BUT back on the Cortini interview, there was another great bit that resonated with me, about sitting there without an idea for a song, but letting the synth take you somewhere.
Most of my best tracks were developed from ‘megaloops’ I did when in the zone with some hardware.
I’m shit at translating my ideas into a form…


Big Moods. I socialized all day Saturday (I do it about once or twice a month), and when I got home, I was completely flattened for the rest of the night, and had no energy to function Sunday, either. This morning, I was still so drained from the experience that I broke down crying in the car over what was, in hindsight, really just a minor inconvenience.

I really am happier when I don’t have to deal with humans, and can just hang out with my cat on the couch.

And I think I need to stop these Saturday outings, or at least shorten their length. Everyone is always “you’re so outgoing!” and near the end as I am waiting to leave, I’m all:
Internal Screaming

edit finally resized it when it gave me html :joy:




It’s similar for me, I go out, give my best and smile and I am super social. I talk o people then I’m drained I need to leave and I do not follow up with the people I meet.
How did I manage to get married is a mystery to me.
Going to gigs is the hardest. I try to go alone but then I end up staying home. If I’m with people I mostly go but of course it gets harder to find people to go to gig when you just disappear without a reason.

Back to synths, I want a Volca Drum.


yeah, the more I listened to it the more that became apparent, but I did not bother to correct myself in the thread. :stuck_out_tongue: I own it. TBH I am not really that taken with the Wavestate after hearing it some more, which surprises me really. More interested in the sounds coming from the Argon8 or the Hydra.


them tuna sandwiches don’t help either :grin:


speak of the devil, an Argone8 module has just been announced that is rack mountable if you use the included ears, oh and they all so do a whopping big one too.


What’s with all these pre-NAMM releases? Are these companies not going and attempting to steal the thunder of companies that will be there? Maybe I just don’t get it :woman_shrugging:t2:




Just waiting to see what Akai announces for the Force/Live then I can decide whether to upgrade to the Force or stick to the Live and buy a synth…


Speaking of, $1000 for the Force, now? Weren’t they $1400 originally? o.O


That looks jolly interesting. Its got a few extra bits from my beloved Dave Smith Pro 2 but a smaller keyboard. The filtering sounds very promising and I notice that although the Pro 2 has analog sound source with digital control, this has analog sound source with voltage control on two of the oscillators.

I must learn more about this.