The Hardware Megathread


Korg wavestate looks great, them song on a key presets make my toes curl however i can see the potential.

In a matter of hours Korg will announce the ARP 2600, it will cost £3200 and is supposed to be a work of art, out of my price range but still excited to watch all the youtube videos tomorrow.

Still loving my Volca Drum, wonder if they’ll be any new volca at NAMM?

what gear am i after, everything in Alessandro’s video, in the last 2 years I’ve turned into a right Alessandro fanboy, this video is awesome, if you familiar with his last two albums its even more awesome-er


I absolutely love him. His Red/Blue album were great, Avanti sounds like my family back in Italy and he’s a cat person.


Microfreak looks/sounds great, i know oliver has his/her troubles but i can’t help thinking the Microfreak was the last straw that ended mutable instrument modules, it is kinda shitty when you write beautiful code and share it with the community then some big company uses it in their product and concocts a bullsh$t story that it was a joint venture. The first time oliver heard of this joint venture was probably in a bo-beats microfreak review :rofl:


It has been six months since she stopped working on new module development. I wasn’t aware of the Microfreak thing, and found the original blurb about “teamed up with” that was pretty messed up… Arturia has since changed it to “We’ve also integrated the open-source Plaits oscillator developed by Eurorack legends Mutable Instruments to bring you 7 additional synth modes” but I imagine the damage is done there, and it was probably only changed after back-lash. There was also an issue I read about, with her contracted hardware builder needing more supervision than usual or something, and it seemed she felt overwhelmed or felt the preorder quantities being requested by shops was unreasonable given that situation.

Either way, I hope she finds the strength to come back, but if not then she needs to just take care of herself for now until life is in a better place.


To be honest, I had the utmost respect for her, the Shruthi-1 was my first and only successful diy build and was a joy to play, so much punch in such a small package and pretty much everyone I know who’s had euro rack in the last few years had MI modules.


My first modules were Tides and Links >_> I bought a Tides, Links, and a Maths to play with my MicroBrute, and then my next was a Frames (I really wish OEM Frames was smaller :joy: ).


I sont think arturia are a big company by any stretch, but I hear you, it did seem fishy


They’re getting there, I think. Pretty large selection of software (and growing fast, seems every time I check there’s a new synth in the v-collection), growing line of hardware analog and now hybrid synths (some of which have done good sales for them), some pretty popular drum machines, midi keyboards (for many price ranges), hardware sequencers, eurorack cases, preset packs for their software, and now some pretty serious audio interfaces.

Maybe some of the bumps in the road I’ve seen in the past year (including the poor communication on the nature of MI’s involvement in Microfreak) are related to a bit too much growth too fast.

EDIT: I can only speak for myself. But after getting my Matrixbrute 7 months ago, I ordered Pigments and Microfreak last month. Plus that free christmas reverb. They’re pretty well-represented in my studio and workflow compared to most brands.


i built the ANUSHRI but it never worked


The more i look and listen to that new 2600 the more i lust…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I was hoping Korg might announce their smaller ARP 2600 at NAMM but i guess they’ll wait until all the FS are out the door and payed for before they announce it.


NAMM also isn’t for another week. They need to have something left for the show.


I’ve only got a small studio thats crammed with gear, i simply have no more space for hardware.

however i do have a two seater sofa in there, do i get rid of it …?


put sofa on cheap DIY wooden platform, store synth under it :thinking:


haha, man, if I had a sofa in my studio I’d never leave


thats the thing, once i get sat on the sofa i don’t want to leave, the sofa is a lovely haven, but it gets in the way of potential hardware :smiley:


i have a collection of small synths on various shelves and moog stage II phatty/Korg MS2000b been leaning on the wall for years, i don’t really want to store anymore stuff, id prefer more out ready to tweak, but that sofa is so lovely


been fun tonight just opening a load of old projects in ableton syncing them to volca drum and tweaking away, smashing hell out of the volca with the UA 1176 plugin all buttons mode input driven full on.


Hate to say it, but you might have to sell some stuff. I’m waiting for the Osmose to come in and see if that can be my new master keyboard. If it can, I have to sell my rev 2 and get the module version instead (or maybe an OB-6 module). I just don’t have room for more keyboards. Unless I admit that I’m never going to use my stereo system again and break that down to make room for another rack…

It wouldn’t make a bad home theater stereo, I have some nice deftechs. Probably have to sell the turntable and CD player though…

And if the turntable goes, that opens up the can of worms that is my vinyl collection, largely inherited from family who no longer wanted to maintain it. Uggghhh. Hope it’s a slow NAMM…


well, fwiw my intention was to pull it out and use it when needed XD but I definitely feel you on not wanting to store anything else >_>