The Hardware Megathread


I’m totally out of the loop, I didn’t even know such things were on the horizon…let alone available.


Came out of nowhere for me and I read about this stuff daily. The Minilogue XD looks pretty cool, basically gets better FX, upgraded sequencer, the digital osc from the Prologue, and microtuning from the Monologue.

Also, this really drives home a point about the Rev 2 for me because I’m becoming more and more sure by the day that one effect per layer on that thing was a bit stingy on DSI’s part. There’s more than one synth at half the price of that thing or less that has the multi-FX treatment now. I’m writing a review on it, and in there I admit that while an FX unit is probably a solid investment for a studio, I’d still like as much as I can integrated into the synth so that I can modulate it all with synced envelopes and LFOs, which I’ve both heard done on the presets and done myself to great effect.


I’ve been looking into the 3 of them, they all seem really cool, but the one that appeals me the most is the Monologue XD, it sounds soo nice.

Also, on GearSlutz an Akai Product Specialist spilled some beans on the new features coming in 2019, new effects, multitimbral and midi routing, automation editing in standalone, the MPC Live and X are getting stronger and stronger.

Now I only need to find the time to get back in production…


At the moment I can’t really decide if any piece of hardware is really “worth it” overall for the kind of music I’m making…maybe a Moog for basslines, but that is about all I can think of…

been drop these tracks pretty regularly (in my extra bedroom…)


hardward might make producing tunes like this more fun but there is nothing here i am hearing that couldnt be done in the box.


I can’t speak to the dsi synth, but imo a lot of people gripe about effects in samplers/ synths. But not too long ago you had to either buy effects cards to install in the hardware or mix in outboard effects, so I am not sure i agree with the complaints. I guess for really high end stuff, but still, i think I would rather the flexibility of a few amazing pedals.


My conclusion as well. I think fun alone is certainly worth money sometimes–and I think if the musician isn’t feeling a tune that can possibly transfer to the audience experience.

Not that either of these tunes show case it, but often enough this kind of music will center itself around an unusual sample as a “hook” (I use the term lightly here). I think my money and time might be better spent digging for unusual to rare samples at the used record store. Or rather, this is how I’m making tunes right now anyway…find some weird/fun samples and base a tune around them.


I see that angle of it too, I’ve been looking at pedals since I got this thing. Need to have it all paid off first, but then next thing is going to be FX of some sort. For me, the Line 6 HX Effects might work perfectly. I haven’t seen any demos of it with synths yet, but they mention it being good for desktop use and having line level inputs for keyboards. As long as it sounds good, it should save me some space.


That goes for most electronic music, but shouldn’t we instead suggest exactly which drum machine to get, which synth for the bass, which one for the lead and so forth? You’re undoing years of hard work on this thread!!!


Honestly, that’s what was the norm. With DSP power increasing as well as the ability to use more compact designs I do want samplers, digital as they are, to be brimming densely with abilities. The Deluge led the way nicely with a proper and full fledged synth with FX coming along in a compact package. The Octatrack has plenty of FX to boot, and now the MPC live has finally added synth engines and is just shy of being a viable third party FX platform. As far as samplers or digital synths go, these set the current bar for me of what I come to expect: combined synth and sampler that can loop and time stretch with expandable storage (love that I can put 1TB SSD in the live), battery powered, quality FX integrated, user friendly workflow. Multiple I/O options including CV in/out, hopefully a Eurorack compatible pre-amp, and wouldn’t one or two FX send and return jacks be nice?. I would also like to see a third party platform integrated. All in a form factor of a desktop module. It’s been all but done already.

The next frontier, to me, would be outright incorporation of one row of Eurorack modules. Think of an MPC with one 3U row and dedicated CV I/O and a stereo I/O (on the front, please) with flexible internal routing (including CV modulation!). Whatever element of analog you deem essential, you can add.


Bass: Ideally a Moog (probably not a Minitaur b/c it’s too limited). Possibly a BSII on the cheaper end.

Drums: Something can do a nice 909 kit for the basics or a good sampler. Sampler would be more economic because I’d want something to do weird perc and little FX one shots as well, maybe even handle the vocals that way. My preference would be to try the new TR8S.

Leads: The bass synth might cover this, but who only wants one synth? I’d favor and MS20 mini or a DSI for leads but not sure that would be the best options for this genre. It is basically house music, but doesn’t employ many of those classic sounds.


Wait, didn’t you just sell all your hardware and went fully ITB? You seem to be on a pretty slippery slope again.

Get a Boog for your bass duties. You can probably pick one up for $200 right now. I much prefer its sound over my Sub 37. I mean, it does sound EXACTLY like a Mini Moog, so you can’t get any more ‘Moog’ than that. It should cover you for leads too, but of course you can never go wrong with an MS20.


Hahaha. Yea dude I did. NO plans to buy a damn thing really. Was just playing along w Auto’s joke.

Im really happy ITB at the moment.

Good callon the Boog tho…mebe in the future…curious about their 909 clone too


New Akai force looks good.

This video kind of sold it to me.


And an akai rep confirmed all the Force feautures will eventually be rolled out to the Live and X. AIR effects are coming first.


At $1500 MSRP it’d better be good.


@AikiGhost good to see you around! Dunno if I missed you posting elsewhere : )


I’m surprised, the Sub 37 sounds really cool in all the demos I’ve seen. With the prices they’re going for right now, I thought I might get one in a few months. Although what I like is the overdriven bass sounds I’ve heard coming from it, which I guess could fly in the face of the classic smooth moog sound.


My account was destroyed… so I only remebered about IDMF due to Automegadon being a FB friend.


As far as raw oscillators go, the Boog definitely sounds more interesting to me. More alive with more character, top end, and buzz. You can dull it with a filter and cover the same territory as Sub 37, but you can’t make Sub 37 brighter. Of course Sub 37 has a shit ton more features, so I can’t say the Boog is a better synth or anything. But I have a love/hate relationship with mine lately. I absolutely loved it when I got it and it’s pretty much responsible for my latest jump into hardware (again). But after getting a bunch of other synths, it’s now occupying this weird spot where it’s not really my first choice for anything in particular. Which is a bummer for how expensive it is. I got it shortly before Moog released Subsequent 37 and the Tribute 2nd hand prices instantly plummeted. I’ve had it for sale passively on CL for a while now, meaning, I have it for the same price as I bought it which is really above the current going rate, so naturally nobody is biting. I’m not desperate to sell it, so I’ll keep doing that for the time being. I mean, it’s still a good synth and I do use it. But I know it will eventually end up being the first piece of 2nd hand gear I bought in years where I will lose money when I flip it.

You can get a mint one for $900 right now with free shipping (and from none other than Mike Huckaby, which is kind of cool too)