The Hardware Megathread


When I used Fruity Loops, it didn’t have Piano roll, so even today when I launch FL Studio my default mode is the step sequencer.
But then again, I hardly need to tweak pitch values for the shit I do…


@Artificer: since you asked, I recorded a little something here:

It’s Plaits sequenced with Rene, some modulated envelope (Batumi controlling the sustain in Stages via a complex LFO), into the Polivoks with a good amount of resonance, into a heavily overdriven Morgasmatron (that thing gives some stellar distortion) with a second coordinate from Rene controlling the mix of the LOF and BP mode (latter with high resonance and clipped), all into a Fusion VCA with a healthy dose of distortion.


Thanks for that. A couple of quick observations:

  • Way too well lit. You can’t party like that.
  • That Morgasmatron is amazaballs.
  • The camera vibrates slightly on every kick - rather than being annoying, I think it added to my enjoyment.
  • It had a funky beat and I could bug out to it.

You’re certainly getting some sweet sounds out of it. Obviously you can feed cv/audio in and out of the rest of your setup, but I’m wondering how you’re finding the eurorack compared to the rest of your gear? Anything you wouldn’t buy again? Anything that really has knocked your socks off so far? Is the generative stuff the selling point for you?


I wouldn’t buy the Neutron again, as it really is a bit redundant. Other than that, nothing feels obsolete. Even the A4 will now have a new lease on life, sequencing parts of the Eurorack. I think I’ll have to reserve judgment though until I’ve got a better handle on this modular.
What has amazed me so far is the ease with which harsh, strange, or interesting sounds can be made that would require some doing with other gear.
I am going to explore generative approaches, but I think that’s not the main appeal for me, save for some atmospheric stuff (we’ll see). So far, what has really blown me away are the things you can do that simply aren’t possible anywhere else when it comes to modulating parameters. For example, the sustain setting in that patch was modulated with an LFO. Morphagene and Clouds are both pretty unique as well and Rene is an incredible sequencer.


So… when you opening a reverb shop?


I’m upset by all those lava lamps.


You can modulate the sustain in pretty much most soft synths, as well as some hardware synths (both Sub 37 and DeepMind can do this).


That’s true, but not necessarily by an LFO that is modulated by an LFO by a sequenced sequenced amount.



I think this is the real lesson. Most of you know I’ve owned a fair few pieces of hardware in the last 3-4 years (not sure the exact time frame, but it’s this threads fault…I blame you all for my crippling debt (not really)).

While some pieces have “just sounded better” interface has been everything for me. It is the #1 reason I am an Elektron fanboy.

I’m really not trying to over hype the Akai Fire as one still has to do plenty with mouse and keyboard to finish a song in FL Studio while using it, but for much of the initial creative part of the process it feels like using an electribe (or something similar) to control a modern DAW.


Lets not deviate from the fact that this isn’t about how fucking great this track is, but how fucking great that Wasp makes this track.


Hey guys, I think I missed a memo :slight_smile: Didn’t realize there was a whole new forum. I see I have some catching up to do in this thread!


It’s why I still love Maschine. A dedicated pre-napped MIDI controller is just awesome.


Weak stomach?


Dude big ups for the deepmind. I bought a DM6 from pro audio star on a after Christmas flash sale for 375. Totally happy with it. I do admit took me a bit to warm up to it. You really gotta work at that machine.


I think somebody else here said you should just delete all the presets and start from scratch, which would take a bit :stuck_out_tongue: . The 12d would be perfect for me if only they would let you pass external audio through the FX unit. As it is, I don’t want another polysynth just to have another one laying around. If they did a 6d in the same body as the 12d so I didn’t have to make room for another keyboard, I’d be sold.


I got the 12d during the same sale. It’s a fucking monster. Like… Desktop module it is not. It’s a rack synth.

I need to spend more time with it, but I also need to rework my layout because that thing is not something you hold in your lap while you program it unless you’re Shrek-sized.


Yeah, it’s definitely a bummer that we can’t do that. But this feature is not really common on polysynths, since you need to figure out which voice(s) to use and how to route things, which adds in complexity. With monosynths, you route things after the mixer into the filter, etc, and there’s only one way to route since there’s only one voice. That being said, I think Andromeda allows you to do that and it’s an analog poly (but a very expensive one).

So for Behringer, the added complexity either wasn’t cost effective or they figured they’d eventually want to release a standalone FX box and they didn’t want to cannibalize their own sales.


I just cleaned the Roland MC-505 and played with it a bit.
Then placed it back where it was for the next 7/8 years.


Oh the new Korgs…

The Korg Drum seems interesting, though the winner is the Porta-buchla aka Korg Modular.

Even though the Korg Monologue XD is high on my wishlist…