The Hardware Megathread


If you’re giddy about a compact modular, get a 0-Coast.


I do have a 0-coast. For me, personally, the attraction to these little boxes is that they are battery operated, small, cheap, and fun. I like my Sample because it’s just a stupid toy. I can easily grab a TB-03 and Sample and sit on the couch or go sit in the backyard and noodle around for half an hour, without dragging out an extension chord or being all tangled up in cables and shit. So for that, those little boxes are great for me. With the Sample, I’m intending on using it in my production as well, mainly as sample mangler - loading up things I already recorded and having the hands on experience of twisting knobs and coming up with weird grainy/glitchy shit and resampling that into my DAW. I can see that being both fun and useful.

With this modular one, it’s kind of same thing. I really like my Kastle, but it’s pretty limited as stand alone. I can get more use out of it by interfacing with my other semi-modulars, but that doesn’t work as well for the couch/grab-n-go scenario. Also, I’m limited to only using the 2 i/o points and can’t use any of the micro-patch points directly with anything. So this Volca would finally provide a proper companion to the Kastle. And it looks great on its own. Wave folding, LPGs. Sweet. I’m not really lusting after any more synths. I don’t have space or inputs for any anyway. But I’ll gladly throw a hundred bucks at this thing once they are on the used market.

The thing is, nobody knows if those mock ups are even real. There’s nothing official from Korg and it could be just random internet bullshit.

So I’d like to go ahead and change my initial reaction to ’ fuck yeah?’


Love this thing. I’ve had pedal lust lately, going to wait for a price on this one before grabbing anything else. Looks like an awesome device.

Edit: 499 UK I think, releases summer 2019 according to the website.


I’ll not be making any purchases until this thing hits, I’m well covered for synths, and got a license for Arturia V Collection so I’m overwhelmed w softsynths at the moment as well.


0-Coast is the best modular bit I’ve ever bought. It has a sound that my Make Noise heavy racks don’t get close to.

Love that thing.


I just discovered that there some Chinese made ‘dupont female 3 pin to 3.5mm male’ adapters on Ebay. Ordered a bunch, so I’m going to see how well they work (in like a month cause free shipping from China).


Regarding portability: there are laptop battery packs that put out variable voltage that I have used to power a Digitakt, Digitone, and a Peak. It’ll also power my modular.
Everything can be portable (as long as it is physically possible).


New arrival…


Congrats. Definitely one of the best semi-modulars around.


Totally agree.


Funny, I was just watching this!


Decided to give the Akai Fire a shot. I miss programming drums and some samples X0X style. The live aspect seems interesting as well. I’m just going in with the expectation that it’ll be an inexpensive way to scratch my drum machine itch and anything else it does well is a bonus.


Got an Uno synth for Hinjewmas. Sounds good and It integrates very easily in my iPad setup. Id been struggling over the Mopho desktop, Minitaur, and this for that spot on the board, but this seems the most convenient and versatile that will fit there.


Resistance is futile. If below 1 Ohm.


Clever, clever boy. :wink:

So how’s it sound? Curious as to what’s coming out of it and what parts you’re finding most interesting/useful.


I’ve honestly just received the second rack and a few straggler modules are still en route.
The most useful aspects are generative sequencing, especially using Rene and to use the output of such sequences to alter timbres. I’ve had some fun using Morphagene in that manner, which is a granular pitch shifting sampler. Feeding into it an already gnarly sound from the 0-Coast and to then trigger slices with what is essentially a built in Tensor pedal is just a boon of sounds. The Morgasmatron has a Rat distortion function built in, so using that with a resonant LPF, especially on the Polivoks Filter with added grit from the Fusion VCA gave an all warm and fuzzy feeling.


I just realized how impossibly complex it could be to provide an answer for such an easy question in regards to a modular setup. mind blown Beyond the CV gates is the fourth dimension and pulse width modulation is the Rosetta Stone to unlock that.


Here are some of the auto-playing patches I made on the 0-coast


First impression of the Akai Pro Fire:

In a sentence: it does exactly what it was advertised to do. But isn’t that a little refreshing? Basically it gives one controller based navigation of most of the major features of FL Studio. So far the most lack-luster aspect is the control it gives over the mixer; however, it never promised much. I’d actually love to see this as a completely different controller in the same price range. You could easily get…hrm…possibly up to six physical channel strips on the same form factor I’d say.

I’ve always wanted to like the step sequencer in FL Studio, but the piano roll has always been more powerful/mouse and keyboard friendly and the step sequencer felt like it was “in the way.” Fire changes this for me. Between access to the “browser” (where you can load samples and vst instruments into the step sequencer) and the step sequencer itself you’ve basically got a infinite channel BeatStep right in front of you. Really easy to do X0X style sequencing of percussion, one shots and monophonic synths.

For me this feels like an Electribe for my DAW, the only one I’ve ever used in a little over 10 years of making beats and I know like [insert cliche]. Which is fantastic. The second piece of hardware I ever bought was an ESX Electribe.

Again, I would bring up the fact that most of the criticisms I’ve heard about this piece of gear isn’t about broken promises, but rather things the product never promised. So much expensive hardware seems like it ends up not delivering on promises.

Anyway, I’m thinking this is going to be a fun and useful tool that will scratch a lot of itches. It is just as smooth as Maschine and doesn’t respond at all like a MIDI controller. The two banks of four user assignable knobs will be great for dubbing some multi track recordings.

I have never explored the live aspect of FL Studio and can’t comment on how this controller works for that part of the DAW. However, from what I’ve seen it feels Ableton-like in that it is based on clip/pattern launching. Certainly seems like there must be some useful possibilities there.

Build quality, knobs and pads are all pretty damn satisfying for the price point. I’m a X0X and not a finger drummer, but I don’t feel like the pads would be super sensitive.


glad to hear you’re digging it!

user interface is huge, sometimes a different way of approaching things goes a long way.