The Hardware Megathread


Yeah totally, I’ve seen that. But maybe something with a couple four midi channels and a couple three notes polyphony per track. I think that could be doable in volca format being as it wouldn’t have a sound generating engine or synth controls.


have you seen this then?

they have a beats version as well.


Yes yes I’ve seen that too, seen all the shit actually. I’m saying my opinion on the volca series, and the new volcas that schnork linked, is that Korg would do well to release a volca sequence. I know there exists other sequencers. I’m talking specifically about Korg and their volca series. Volca Brand, volca form factor, volca price, sequencer.


Yeah, a Volca sequencer would be great.
They already released that Volca Mixer, so a sequencer is definately missing.
That would be a great chance to expand the Volca lines sequencing capabilities, and kinda evolve them into a more „grown up“ setup.


Is your key tracking set to 64? If so, then yeah, you’ll probably need to run calibration.

What have you tried? Putting it in unison mode and use unison voice detune (in Misc parameters) and then also slightly automate oscillator slop. Maybe throw some subtle chorus and automate all the parameters with a very slow lfo. Should get you pretty close.

FUCK YEAH! My little Kastle will finally get a little playmate.


And I was just trying to be helpful. My bad, didn’t know you had already seen all the shit.

On a different note, Got a Meeblip Triode on the way here from the states, should be here before the new year. Looking forward to fiddling with it. From what I have heard in the scant YT vids of the thing it can make some sweet basslines. Probably even better without crappy YT compression.


Yeah thanks man, I wasnt trying to come off any way. Just trying to be clear with what I was saying, volca specific, being as a couple people responded with other devices.



No worries then. :rainbow: I am going to keep that quote around for if/when we get sigs one day however. “seen all the shit” :grin:


I was trying to do it with chords, so just an a/b stack with slightly different tuning and filters. I should probably go back since I get the modulation a lot more now. I have it saved, so should be easy to update it.


@Automageddon hipped me to this but damn…



I can completely understand where you are coming from because I thought the same damn thing, But then I Obtained my first Analog synth and I can’t expect you to understand this but anyone with gear absolutely does; Once you experience the tactile aesthetic of hardware It won’t turn you off to software synths by any measure but your life experience will never be the same again.


Yes. You can also jerk yourself off, but it doesn’t feel quite as nice as the real deal. A hardware setup is like raw doggin’ it without pulling out. :sunglasses:


For me, it’s a matter of “If I turn on my computer, I’m going to get distracted by…”. Thankfully, it’s usually interfacing with other musicians or doing mastering for someone. But I still just want to pull up a synthesizer that can’t distract me with that stuff sometimes.


Goodgoddamn that looks sweet. Might pair well with the Erebus v3 I am lusting after.


@JvS and @liquid_air - well, I have to disappoint you - I own 2 hardware, analog synths (actually, owned 2, now I’m left with only a Korg Minilogue). Not much, I know. Still - enough to get to know the workflow, the pros and cons, etc.

What is really great about hardware, is the feel, the experience of this whole thing, often the sound, all these knobs and quick access to options, no clicking with your mouse or pad, no staring at your screen… You are absolutely right about it.

BUT - what I really meant by my comment, was that, of course, hardware is great, but still - you can do all this with just a computer - not much difference in sound and final result nowadays, in my opinion.

And I often find my workflow “flowing better” with a computer.


Sadly, I still have to find a viable hardware only workflow that works for me. It’s probably my biggest obstacle at this point.
And, I can hear it already, it’s not that I have added too much too quickly. I have not found a good solution, yet, for a suitable arranger sending MIDI PC msgs to trigger the different sequencers.


Can’t wait to see that drum synth Volca in action. Have really been aching for a digital drum synth, with options like the Audiothingies DoubleDrummer being very tempting. But Volcas have really appealed to me as well, so maybe that’s a good starting point.


I don’t quite understand the Volca excitement.


Neither can I. After having the Sample, which died after a year, refusing to load in sets and firing off random samples, so I won’t entertain them now. Got an old Yamaha SU 200, which can actually sample, has variable sampling rates down to a nasty 5 Hz for real lo-fi, re-sample, FX, can play keys (if only in major and 1 octave), has 24 slots, and came with a power supply.


I sold off my Sample fast AF. It was just a stupid toy.

I am only marginally excited about the Volca Modular because those patch points look similar to the ones on my folktek conduit.

Could be a fun thing to patch to.