The Hardware Megathread


Congrats, dude. You’re going to love it.

I dumped all my notes on Rev2 that I sourced from random sites (gearslutz, dsi forum, etc) over the past year into this reddit post, so maybe you’ll find some useful stuff in there:


Thanks man, gonna take a look at this right now. Turns out the guy lives a few miles away so we’re meeting Tuesday to make the exchange, I have until then to read before I’m just going to learn with my fleshy meathooks and earholes. Also, who uses 16 voices guys? I have a pair of 8-voice polys that take up the space of one coming in!

I thought this would make things better, but now I’m just wondering how long until I can swing one of the elektron digi-boxes…


When you stack 2 parts with very long release times for some interesting evolving patches, you can run out of voices real fast.

Don’t be naive, that shit never ends…


Yeah, I assume it’s mostly for multimbrality and multiple parts or for sounds with really long release times. I am not familiar with the REV2, but it is also possible that you can stack voices - I.E: Play it like an 8-voice but with 2 stacked on top of each other for more fuzz/fat.


Exactly, detuned saw stacked 3 high with unison


I’m not sure how many here know a wonderfully quirky bitcrusher/delay/mangler called Permut8 by Sonic Charge. It’s a VST, so I’m posting here as I was wondering if anyone knew any hardware FX that captures something similar.

The ad language says it is based on “primitive signal processing circuits”

And it sounds like this:

I know that parts of it can be captured with a bitcrusher, but not the weird loopy/glitch/crazy part of it. What “primitive circuitry” is this based on?


It sounds pretty cool. I guess.
Nothing really groundbreaking tho.
The building blocks are pretty basic looking.
They are switching presets in the demo, you could stack a few pedals and tweak live to get similar effects.
Honestly the best thing you could do is try to do this with what you got already, you might discover a cool combo of effects!


i’ll store them for you therefore you have got adequate house for your Rev2.


Just a quick Q before I go and google it, maybe somebody has some insight here:

Does the filter not track pitch very well on the REV 2, or is mine just out of calibration?

I figured out how to make it self oscillate (which took a few tries by itself), but I can’t get it in tune at any obvious settings (IE full open or closed, or any large fraction of pitch tracking). This is from the basic patch, so there’e no mod routings I should be missing that would be throwing it off.

I guess my quick mini-summary of my experience so far is that it isn’t what I expected. I was a little dissapointed when I tried programming my own supersaw first thing, but then I played around with the presets and what really surprised me was how good the bass is (mind you, this is the first time I’ve heard an analog synth, so maybe it’s totally average). I programmed my first bass sound last night and that nearly crushed my head, even my family could tell it was pretty good (which by the way has been nice, they’re not super into my music, but seeing this thing and letting them play around with it is starting to make them get it). I’ve got a decent chord sound now too, so maybe I’m ready to revisit the supersaw idea now that I know the character a bit more and I’m making fast friends with all those modulators.


I have no idea about the pitch tracking, but why not dive into the supersaw preset settings. FWIW, supersaw sounds came originally from the digital Roland JP8080/JP8000 (? I might be wrong here, I know its an old digital synth though), so an analog synth with limited oscillators may not be your best bet for that sound


You may be right, most of the presets are pretty brassy. I’m just used to doing everything in Diva so I somehow thought that this would be like that. Need extra voices? Just pull them out of thin air!

There’s some cool borderline organ stabs in there though, and one straight up house organ. Those were a nice surprise, and part of the reason I wanted to track a self-oscillating filter in the first place.


Im excited for you :slight_smile: hope youre happy with it


Yea, your Curtis Filters are going to be pretty brassy. That’s what I’ve liked about many of the modern DSI synths.


Thanks for your input guys, I’m still getting to know it. I haven’t even been through a quarter of the presets yet, trying to do a few every night and make a sound whenever I have an idea. But I am really enjoying all my time with it so far. My playing is already noticeably improved too.


After I get my new DJ rig paid off (love you Zzounds…12 months no interest!), I think I’m just going to go for a poly analog. Not sure which yet, but DSI is high on the list. If I’m only going to have like on outboard synth that makes the most sense to me. Just gotta find that Unicorn ;p


From what I’ve seen between Ebay and Reverb, there’s pretty much always a good deal on whatever you want as long as it’s not super new or particularly rare. Oh, and the Deepmind 12 I think is just regularly priced at $700 new with a keyboard now. Those don’t really get any cheaper used, but that’s a pretty good deal already.


I’ve kind of been put off deal hunting on used gear. Just so many horror stories of people getting screwed on both ends. I’m just done with it. I still look on Craigslist and Reverb occasionally. But at this point I’d rather just buy something new from some place that’ll give me a payment plan. That’s just me though. It also slows my gear lust way down when I get something and know I’ve got an automatic debit coming out every month for 6 months to a year.


So it seems like we’re getting a semi modular (it’s using those bare patch cables like on the Tinysizer and others) “West Coast inspired” Volca with dual LPGs and a Volca Drum Synth.

The Drum Synth looks especially cool imho.
Seems it even has patch memory (Kit and program memory). :slight_smile:


I know all the volcas have a sequencer but I think they need to release a volca sequence. Small volca form factor sequencer with more robust features than what is offered onboard the current volcas. I’d much rather see that than this volca modular / volca drum thing.


I don’t know if this has the capabilities you’re looking for, but the form factor is there.