The Hardware Megathread





Not interested in the sound really, but love the look and the name.


Same. Saw it last night and thought well…ok. I would take the pro1 remake over this any day. I like the sound of that one even more than the K20…it is just more streamlined.


I think I like the envelopes. Probably not going to buy it for that, but I like them.


Yes the first thing i did was put 108 on, been messing about with Dexed putting various patches on the volca and messing with the volca FM max for live editor so you can have automation in live over the volca of most of the front panel.


CAT looks a lovely synth, i think my Karp odyssey covers most of its functions to make it not worth my whilst.

To somebody just starting out i think id get a rack and buy all those behringer analogs.


Fuck… :sweat_smile:


I can agree with that, as it’s designed on it. I have an MS20 mini, so the K20 and Pro1 would be pretty much covering what I have, but I do like the Odyssey. I don’t have the room at the mo. What I like about these Behringer ones, is the compact size and no keybed. I don’t need more keys. I’ve got 3 synths with keys, and as it is the micron spends more time in it’s bag, cos most the time I can’t be fudged to set it up.


Should I buy an audio interface that’s pre-owned or should I buy a brand new one?


I would


There’s nothing wrong with used and it can save you a lot of money.


I have a demo unit of the last-gen Scarlett 18i-20 and I have no complaints. Still figuring out gain staging a bit, so I’m getting a bit more of the noise floor than I’d like. But I got it for half-price. So yeah, used all the way.

I don’t have a problem buying used music gear because with newer stuff it’s not like buying a used car where a good portion of the time there’s something wrong with it that the owner doesn’t want to fix. Most of the time it’s just something the owner has outgrown, or they have something else they like more and not enough room for all their gear. Or they’re funding some other purchase. Or a host of other reasons that there’s nothing wrong with the gear but they still want/need to let it go. The only thing I’ve bought new so far is my keyboard stand and cables.


To add, about the only time I buy new is when I can get it from zZounds on 0% payments >_> Or maybe a crazy deal at a place like Perfect Circuit. Otherwise used all the way.


Personally id buy new, simply because the audio interface is a vital element of a home studio set-up,
i wouldn’t risk buying somebody else’s problem.

and the most I/O as possible, you never know when your going to need it.


They just can’t stop won’t stop:


Still not interested in a tb-clone of any kind.


I dunno, I wouldn’t kick an Avalon off the desk >_> But you can also swap out the filters if you get bored.


You’ll all be really happy to know I’ve just upgraded the firmware my Quasimidi rave-o-lution 309 which i bought in 1996 from v102 to v3.00A via an £8 chip i bought off eBay, and what does this update do,? absolutely nothing but ill sleep better. :smiley::rofl:


LOL nicely done!