The Hardware Megathread


Yamaha DX7 Rom1A preset “Bass 2” sent it over to Volca FM via Dexed, Instant “Berlin - Take my breath away”, oh how one fritters away the hours :rofl::sunglasses:


This video has the best Volca Drum sounds I heard so far, love that bass, right up my alley!


gawd I need one of those.


I mean unless you want to make acid music what’s the point?


Score. I found the Zoom StompShare app again and it still works on my iPhone 11 Pro. Got the Lofi Delay addon (everything is free since they discontinued it all). You can’t cram everything on the MS-100BT, but it can apparently hold 90 out of the 116 available.


What kind of stuff do you do?


Glitchy soundscape type stuff mostly. And sound design. I can get lost playing with sounds for hours and have nothing to show for it music-wise XD


For over a decade I swore I would not get back into hardware. I found an Uno Synth locally on sale for under $100 and thought it would be nice to have one analog synth.
Three months later I have an Uno, Volca Bass, craft synth2, ipad with apps with midi interface and a TD-3 and a NTS-1 on order. I


Hardware is like Tribbles. There’s no such thing as ‘a’ synth :smiley:


How is it?
I have the first model and love it, bigger than its size and smack in your face


After getting a SKULPT you couldn’t have paid me to back the CraftSynth 2.0 on Kickstarter or purchase one after. The knobs are super “wiggly” and cheap feeling, and from what I saw on YouTube comments, someone from Modal defends their knobs as being anything but cheap whenever it came up. I don’t care if they are the most amazingly sensitive encoders on the planet if they feel like they’re attached to the thing with wet noodles. I think he was responding as if people said they felt like garbage because they spun freely and didn’t have any real resistance to the turn like some other encoders. My impression was that people hate how they wiggle and jiggle all over the place, not how freely/easily they spin. I know it’s a $300 hardware synth with a very knobby interface for the price, but it also feels very bad to tweak parameters, imo.

Obviously I can’t say if the Craft 2.0 has the same build quality, but it takes after the SKULPT look and so I can only speculate that it’s the same. How do you feel about the knobs on the 2.0 @E-Fence ? Also, I think a Volca Drum would fit in nicely with those synths >_> Unless your iPad is handling those duties and you’re good there :smiley:


Hardware-wise I’m considering:

  • Volca Drum
  • Waldorf Blofeld (has one, miss it)
  • Digitone (Seems nice and different)
  • Korg Minilogue XD
  • wait and upgrade my Mpc to a Force

Tough life…


Blofeld and xd are both things I am humming about as well!


I have a Microfreak coming in tomorrow or Wednesday that I ordered with christmas cash. Looking forward to digging into chords through a SEM filter. I have a 12 db/oct mode on the Rev 2, but it just isn’t the same. Plus, this is way cheaper than an OB-6 if it can scratch that itch. I suspect which a good chorus in post, it will.


Digitone ticks a lot of boxes for me:

  1. Accessible FM synthesis for lazy me.
  2. Groovebox.
  3. Its Elektron so I’m likely to get on with its workflow.
  4. Useable onboard FXs (guessing here, but its Elektron).


To be honest I’m thinking also of Volca Drum and later Microfreak, great fodder for the Mpc Live


You all have me thinking about a Volca Drum as well. Seems like it could be a nice companion to something with sequencing and samplling–but one step at a time on my end : )


Something new to think about.


That’s an excellent demo.


I didn’t watch the demo, saving it for lunch break but the sounds on Korg’s page are really good, very similar to Waldorf Nave.