The Hardware Megathread


5 hours since you posted and you still haven’t made one yourself?



And now we play the NAMM 2020 Waiting Game :thinking:


There are rumours of a few online stores marking the MPC Live as discontinued, which might impact my plan to sell mine to upgrade to the Force, so I’m waiting to see what Akai will do at Namm before deciding.

My hope is that they will deliver on aligning the Live workflow to the Force workflow…

My plan is to start doing some lives in 2020 (I haven’t played a live gig in 8 years) and at the moment I wouldn’t even know where to start playing the Live live…


they hav to have something cooking then, like a Live 2 or something. I think that’s their best-seller MPC of the modern generation. Maybe more-powerful hardware with better battery life? :thinking:


To be honest, they might be planning the V3 version of the software for early new year and they might take the chance to rebrand/relaunch without actually changing anything major that would disrupt backwards compatibility.
Pretty much like gaming consoles do a few times during their lifecycles.


I think a lot of people are expecting MPC 3.0 announced this NAMM. And that’s more or less what I meant about new hardware, like the xbox One to xbox One X or S, etc. But there’s less than a month until we find out :smiley:


Just want to say I totally called that.


I’m just excited to upload my first video of me playing keys. I feel pretty good about it too. OK that’s all back to your regularly scheduled hardware drool.


…I bought guitar strings and picks I’m unfamiliar with but wanted to try :woman_shrugging:t2: I mean that still counts >_>


I was so happy with Batman that i just had to buy Robin, love this duo.

As for new year, i do work a lot of hours however its about time i focused on making music and far far less gear acquisition.


I bet that’s a really fun pair and like the names XD. I’ve wanted a Volca FM for a long while but just never bring myself to do it for whatever reason :woman_shrugging:t2: I think I have… enough. I need to sell things before indulging, but I do want a digital FM synth someday.


the Volca FM has been around sometime, lets hope at NAMM Korg announce a Volca FM2 with more polyphony and a built in massive lush ambient reverb that decays forever…


3 voices felt way too thrifty, imo. I get that it’s a Volca, but I don’t think 4+ voices would have killed them.


Seems Akai released a MPC-X in that godawful and garish gold they did for the Live :joy:

JFC who buy those? XD


That must be the amazing Name 2020 announcement.


The main things that bug me about the FM are the top mounted phone jack, as it puts a lot of stress on the fitting, and not having a mono output. Don’t forget to do the unofficial firmware update, so you get velocity over midi too.


trying to decide between a fancy vape pen or a drum machine…


I’m waiting for a show to start and I’m here to tell you that vaping is bad for you so just get the fucking drum machine.
This is the hardware mega thread, take your vaping outside!


oh no no no, I mean for my herb : ) I quit smoking tobacco ten years ago

(but that being said, I think I’ll take your advice regardless)


Man, just make the herb into butter, and get the drum machine!