The Hardware Megathread


I’m waiting until after NAMM to pull the trigger on an MPC Live. IDK why, but the prices everywhere dropped $200 last month, so I wonder if they aren’t doing a replacement.

Also, with the AKAI fire now, part of me hopes there’s an update in the works that will give the MPCs a level of functionality within FL Studio similar to the level they’re on with Ableton right now (especially the session export). ALSO ALSO, hoping they do an MPE update so that you can record and edit MPE Midi on the unit as well. If they did those two things, the Live would be the perfect machine for me.

And if we’re getting really crazy, I’d like a drum synth built in as one of the instruments too, something like microtonic. Just so I can scratch that drum design itch with the Live without having to buy a drum machine and sample it in.


I don’t think they’d announce a new revision already, it’s fairly new, but I think they might announce 3.0 at Namm


I think they might have just sold enough Lives for a price drop in general, like, they reached a profit target at the $1200 price and so $1000 is the new street price.

I don’t see Akai giving us a drum synth for various reasons (they sell sample packs, it’s a sampler, Splice integration… it just feels low priority to me). That said, AiR has DS 500 that could potentially be modified/ported into the MPC lineup. And DS 500 was designed with Akai already, and it has some MPC functions built-in. I think if we did get a drum synth it would be based on DS 500.


@White_Noise the additive thing was a pita from the get go :joy: It doesn’t like loading the same sample multiple times (this sample exists, would you like to overwrite it?), and putting the same single cycle sample across the pads was all kinds of problematic. There were some other issues. I still have a few ideas, but I’d also have to be willing to sit down and create a special folder of single cycle sine waves all with different names to load, and I think I could layer four at a time, etc. In the end I don’t think the results will be worth it, and my time/effort would be better spent learning how to make an additive synth in a Norns or Organelle (or find one someone else has already made and modify it >_> ) if I want a small desktop additive synth.

This looks interesting but i think it’s meant to be a programmable video game thing:


My thoughts and hopes exactly. I tried the demo of that plugin and is really good and feels MPC-ready already.


Oh, you’re getting into Raspberry Pi territory (IIRC Arduino is a similar thing to them). At that point you’re coding in a linux environment. Pis and Arduinos are great little computers for making gadgets, but they’re a bit beyond me. I’d just use a nice midi controller well integrated with a DAW and softsynth at that point.

Additive synthesis based on sine samples sounds interesting as I think about it, because you’re combining all the weirdness of additive with the neat little glitches you can get from trying to transpose or pitch bend samples. Possibly on a per-partial basis even.


Part of me love the idea of a Toraiz Squid with an IPad.
I really like the form factor of that thing.
The Toraiz Sampler seems to get cheaper, any experiences with it?


Korg MS2000.


I wish id of knew about this “Midiphy LoopA sequencer” before the christmas holiday, id of ordered a kit and built it over christmas


Perfect Circuit has a pretty big “end of decade” sale going atm, and a 10% discount code for things not part of the sale.


Anyone here received a visit from Syntha Claus?


Yes me, I’m multitasking, cooking dinner and jamming :sunglasses:


I have not :frowning: but I should be getting a gift card later on today >_>


So I read a thread on the Line 6 forums where someone remade a patch in their Helix they’ve used for years in a HD500X, posted sound clips, and almost everyone that answered thought the 500X was the Helix >_> That does put a smile on my face.

Ofc it’s all subjective and some people swear by the Helix >_>

Line 6 really skimped on bass amps on the HDs, and for $30 you can get a handful of amp models but it’s nothing I want. The Helix has a lot more, including an Aguilar DB751, but I’d like to have a Darkglass Microtubes model (I have a B7K preamp pedal), or EBS Fafnir, etc. They give guitarists relatively cheap access to all these boutique high gain monsters and old unobtanium classics, and then bass players are such a smaller demographic we’re lucky to just get an Ampeg SVT (crickets) :joy:

But if I was in a band again, I’d want this on top of my speaker cab:


Blend you di bass with a bass going through a driven guitar amp. Works pretty great.


Mmhmm. I have a Darkglass B7K pedal that does that built-in :slight_smile:


wtf is that pigeon doin behind that korg?


Composition. You can’t just vomit any picture onto Instagram these days…


That looks a bit like Cthulhu is joining you for dinner…


Had a few days tweaking the volca drum and now I’m tempted to get a volca FM.

Id of rather the volca drum had been £50 more expensive and for that Korg had put a USB connection on it with midi in/out which let it talk perfectly with Ableton.