The Hardware Megathread


Getting M32s /DFAMs/0 coasts etc in-order to get into Eurorack defeats the object,

Basically once you get a reasonable amount of modules you wonder why you bought that M32 you never use.

Its happens to everybody, i look at my M32 and think i could of got a Verbos Harmonic oscillator for the price i paid for it, and my god has the HO got that sound, you just wouldn’t dream of doing that subtractive synthesis lark with it theres not a single frequency you’d want to filter out.


It makes sense that it would only be a matter of time.


Oh look… no massive 5hp power module wasting precious space. F U Arturia :joy:

Sliding nuts. That’ll cause some controversy, I imagine >_>


i hate behringer so much.

this thing is going to be like 75 cents and then im going to start buying and building modules and poof, there goes my productivity, cash and the ability to finishing songs…


They won’t catch me alive!

Unless they give me a groovebox next


The K-2 might get me. But not before I get something for a drum machine.


This is why I stayed away from Eurocrack. I was very tempted some years ago to start building then thought hard about how I wanted to spend my me-music time.


I’ve always been a fan of the semi-modular stuff. I have a matrixbrute already, but nothing to go with it yet. If I get anything like a grandmother or an erebus, I’d have a few spare LFOs (and now with custom waveshapes too) and envelopes handy, courtesy of the matrixbrute.

I’m toying with the idea of buying another rack and dedicating it to semi-modular and modular stuff.

In the modular world, I see the appeal of doing it 100% (and I have ideas for generative modular installations/art shows that would be a fun challenge to do, but I’d need so many VCAs…), but if I were to buy a case I’d probably use it primarily for effects like rainmaker and a really baller sequencer of some sort, because I wouldn’t do it until after I had at least two or three semi-modular pieces I was jiving with.


I just replaced the HD and installed OSX for a buddy of mine, he dropped off an Analog Solutions Fusebox for me to play for the weekend.

This thing is AWESOME.


a Xaoc Odessa is calling my name >_>


Any recommendations for a capable multi timbral synth with a smallish keyboard.
Ideally something that does a best of of analog and digital sounds, maybe some keys etc.
With maybe 3 octaves of velocity and ideally after touch keys.
Looking for something like a little workstation type thing, just need some key synth sounds, pads basses and keys mostly, to layer with some guitars.
Just pondering going hardware as opposed to komplete lite or whatever it is I am using (I am having difficulty getting to grips with that browser).


Access Virus TI Polar :joy:

Roland GAIA? No aftertouch, VA synth. I think it can be three part multitimbral?

“Little” and “workstation” don’t often go hand in hand, they tend to start at 49 keys and go up from there.

The Roland JD-Xi comes to mind, too. Analog monosynth plus PCM polysynth, 37 velocity sensitive minikeys. “Two digital synth sections offer 128-voice polyphony and a wide range of high-quality SuperNATURAL synth tones, including pads, strings, electric piano, sound effects, and many others.”

It’s multitimbral in that you get one analog, two digital, and a drum section.


Yeah, I’d thought of the jdxi.
I was even debating getting another blofeld module and keeping my current keyboard.


I was going to suggest the mini-nova, but I reality-checked myself and that’s mono timbral.

The rolands sound like the best options.


I think the SuperNova might be multi timbral, which is the knobbier, big brother. The MiniNova has “preset pads” for live performance instead. It lets you switch patches by simply hitting one of those pads.


If it’s for layering, have you thought about a Roland JV or XV. Or if you want new a rack mounted workstaion like the Integra 7, and the like. That will have your sounds covered.


I really really really hope Behringer do a groovebox.

If I didnt already have a Doepfer big case the go case might interest me.


I’d strongly suggest a Nord Lead 2. Should be very affordable, 4 part mult, no menu diving, best implementation of multitimbrality I’ve used on a synth and has drums too.


2nd vote for a NL2


Odessa looks great and has a mouth watering feature set, its just of all the demos I’ve heard up to now I’ve not heard anything that gets me excited.