The Hardware Megathread


I might have replied to an ad from a guy who’s selling an MC707 for a very good price…


Oh, oh, should the mpc be worked?


i’ll have a mountain of cheap gear to take w me into the void when i die.


the void needs a soundtrack i presume… probably pays better than Spotify.


Looking very much forward to getting my greasy mitts on the Novation Bass station II tomorrow. I’m doubly excited to pair it up with the Microfreq as Sweetwater insists that I wait till Jamuary to turn loose with the Wasp.

I’m pretty sure adults should not feel the level of excitement that I am currently feeling, At least not without a threat to ones personal safety and health.


I don’t think so


We are all going to be like those eccentric fucks that get buried in their Roles Royce when they die. One day in the distant future I’'m sure an archaeological team of neo-sapiens will unearth any number of us and remark to themselves “Jesus that’s a lot of synthesizers.”


Did you get it? I’m really interested in the looper functionality.


Replied to a Gumtree as last night but no reply yet. But I realised the ad was 15 days old…


I can’t decide if I like the SP-404 or not. It’s small(ish), portable, and easy to work with. It’s fast in its own way, and can be on the rewarding side.

But it’s incredibly tedious to sample chop and resample on, and slow in that regard. As much as I like what it can do, I don’t think the workflow is for me :woman_shrugging:


Don’t you have an Mpc? Use them together. Mpc to resample and chop the record into the sp-404 mangle and resample back to the Mpc.
You wouldn’t build your track on the Sp anyway, so you just pick and mix the best bits


I do, and I’ve thought about that, too. Especially since the MPC can’t stream from the SSD or SD card >_> Basically just leave a SP permanently attached as a flavor device because it’s really good at that, and for times when I want to play back something long that doesn’t make sense to load into the MPC’s 2GB of RAM.


I am rethinking needs v wants after watching more and more modular videos.
Everything in my head I want to do, which is mostly percussive stuff, it seems I could do with just the

  • Make Noise 0Coast (already have)
  • a Moog DFAM and
  • Mother 32

Any unexpected weirdness in patching between the Make Noise and the Moogs?


I don’t have a M32, but 0-Coast and DFAM be like pb and chocolate. Can’t really go wrong with that combo. Though I’d advise you to swap M32 for a MiniBrute 2S, if you have the space. Roughly the same price, but way more powerful, both synthesis and sequencing wise. Doesn’t sound as good, but you’ll have that Moogy goodness covered with the DFAM already.


That is a very compelling combo just looking at the relative features. I am probably going to be using the iPad or computer to sequence*, but just the synthesis and patching options may be more powerful.

*Stuff I am doing has too many tempo changes and complex groove patterns so I sequence mostly unquantized to a tempo map. I recognize you could do that on a MB2 after reading a bit, but already have all my stuff built in Ableton or Reaper that this all would be adding on to.


So is the plan to use either M32 or 0-Coast as MIDI-to-CV for the DFAM, which, as I’m sure you know, doesn’t have MIDI?


Yes. Ugg biggest thing that stopped me from buying the DFAM when it first came out. I watched the first demo and went to the store as soon as they told me it was in and wtf!!

I know that is all fine for people that are deeper down the path of modular to be cv’d but I don’t know I’ll ever need to venture there.


it’s the size of a tv remote and can be super-handy. I got mine 20% off on eBay with one of those regular coupons eBay does.


hrmm. I wonder for my purposes, synth percussion, if just the CV.OCD, DFAM, and 0Coast would be best. Given I’ll have a software sequencer.


I guess it depends on what exactly your purposes are. If you already have the iPad involved, then your Ruismaker Noir should already be giving you that DFAM flavor, since it was obviously based on it. Plus, you can run multiple instances and have different step lengths. Or is it more about knobs/hands on control? CV.OCD is cool and all, if that’s all you need. But compared to MB2S, you’re getting like 1/50th of its functionality for 1/3rd of the cost, which doesn’t seem like a very good deal when looked at that way.