The Hardware Megathread


Looking through them more when i said 89-94 that would be the 4x4 beat type stuff House/progressive house, techno etc, i was never very keen on Jeff Mills but can’t believe how much of his Axis and other off shoot stuff i have.
From 95-96 theres a lot of drum & bass stuff, LTJ Buckem had his 15 minute of fame around that time so theres loads of stuff on his Good Looking label, also loads of stuff on Goldies Metalheadz label, i was always a big fan of Photek and Source Direct with their very dark clinical sound so lots of stuff by them. Photek was way ahead of his time its no wonder Hollywood grabbed that skinny ginger white kid from the UK he was genius.

I look through it all and the stand out “T.Power The Self Evident Truth of an Intuitive Mind” to me is arguably the finest drum and bass album ever made, it converted me to drum & bass and everybody i played it to was converted at a time when drum and bass was classed as unlistenable. You hear that album today and its just as fresh as it was on its release 35 years ago.


That sounds like an amazing collection! You’ll defo want to hook up a turntable and listen to some of that.


What do you mean? I have my dad’s collection. Ricky Nelson babeh! Going to sample til the cows come home.


Looks like Expressive E opened up more pre-orders for Osmose. BUT, the discount isn’t as deep as before (now 33% instead of 40%) and they’re saying Fall 2020 delivery on those.


Fucking gearslutz… Now I might have to buy a hardware reverb/delay to do all those nice dub bits…


A delay unit for doing live dubs is 100% the first hardware FX unit I’d buy if I got back in that deep…


The boss re pedal is pretty sweet imo


Was it here I read about the people that repair space echoes and sell repair parts deciding to build them out of parts and sell them outright? There was something about they did something differently, though, but I forget what. Input gain stage or something :woman_shrugging:


I know all the volcas have a sequencer but I think they need to release a volca sequence. Small volca form factor sequencer with more robust features than what is offered onboard the current volcas. I’d much rather see that than this volca modular / volca drum thing. ???


I agree, but I don’t know how Korg feels on this. All the Volcas (that I can think of anyway) have a pretty basic sequencer. But that said, I think if all it did was sequence then an argument could definitely be made for a more in-depth sequencer with more options and capabilities. I guess it really depends on can Korg make it happen in the same form factor at the price point they want. That said, the current Volcas cover a lot of ground already as far as synthesis is concerned; I don’t think a sequencer is out of the question considering they released the Mix.

Winter NAMM is around the corner, maybe 2020 will be the year of the Volca Sequence and we don’t even know it :woman_shrugging:


Green Line 6 pedal.

I use a lot of different things, but that DL4 gets a LOT of love due to its knobby interface.


I have the HX Effects, which I was sold on after seeing demos of the DL4 and finding that many of those algorithms are in the HX Effects with many other algorithms.


I also have an M9, but it’s not quite as immediate as the DL4.


A little disappointed that neither the Helix nor Helix Rack have stereo inputs. Old news to most, I guess, but it wasn’t really on my radar until recently. Oh well. The HX-based floor effects units have stereo inputs. Jerks >_> I sometimes do some guitaring and bassing, and wanted something for all the things. The older Pod HD Pro X rack unit had stereo ins, but they seem to have killed that on the Helix Rack. Welp. It looks like I can use a stereo return, I guess, but that’s a little meh :woman_shrugging:

For the price, I might as well look at an Axe-FX III and be able to record all my samplers at once (my interface is just a RME Babyface Snow atm, ie stereo ins only). But fuuuuuuck an Axe-FX III + floorboard is spendy and I’m NOT a guitarist lol.


They have the SQ-1. Probably not what you want though.


Just scored a used SQ1 yesterday! Fun little box. (:smile:


I MIGHT also have a Line6 PodXT rack. I also might have a gear acquisition problem.


I have a POD HD500X floor unit. I’m trying to get rid of things and make room for others to do so, and a stereo multi-effect would be super useful for that. Sad that they felt an extra input wasn’t cost effective on a $1600 piece of kit that has four freaking FX loops among other things :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


it really is. Perfect Circuit sells them with a 0 Coast (and a lot of other synths) for like $50 more than a 0 Coast itself. It’s practically a no brainer.


‘Might’ :rofl:

But fuckit, if you’re not getting in debt and its not ruining your relationships, go for it :slight_smile: