The Hardware Megathread


Not sure I get it, but I am sure it’s at least partly my bad, sorry to the peeps!
Now, I like hardware too!


some people didn’t like the workflow and found it over complex, but at least the video owners manual is on YouTube. all one and a half hours of it. 240 p mind but you can see it. I don’t really believe that sounds are ever that dated. I have a QY700, and I can get interesting sounds out of it, make whole tracks with it, You can always adjust even old pcm sounds to give them new life.


If I get my hands on a 505, I’ll be pairing it with a QY70. I don’t care for probably a third of the sounds on it, but the ones I do like are really great, its very portable, and its got one of the best sequencers ever. I’m hoping to upgrade to a qy100 at some point. I recently bought a Boss ME-50 multi-effects pedal to run the stock 70 sounds through so I can tweak a bit and get more life out of them.


I guess it was kind of obvious, but discovered tonight I can use the Mono Station as an analog drum machine with the patch per step function. Nothing complex, if you get super fancy you could use the paraphonic sequencing to have two, one oscillator drum sounds at the same time though your options for synthesis would be very limited. Best to say its one sound per step.

Defo a quirky little weirdo, the Mono Station. I frankly kinda get why they discontinued it. The price point and relative simplicity on the surface would appeal to newbies, yet the deep features are probably slightly confusing to a new user (it would have been for me).

Over simplifying the device one might describe it as a single voice analog groovebox. Yet its way deeper than that. There would be little reason for a veteran with a medium to substantial setup to “need” it. And I feel much of it would be lost on a newbie (as far as “how do the deeper features figure into my setup and workflow”).

It is kinda sorta like a one voice A4 (though I think the sound is much bolder and richer, frankly the A4 sounds 100% digital to me). It doesn’t have EVERYTHING the A4 has, but I don’t find in a totally inaccurate comparison.

Or ignore my ass because I just cleaned out the keef from my grinder and loaded that mess in my bong… (inhaaaale…exhaaaale… copyright Cypress Hill).


I got the QY700 for the 2 midi outs and 32 tracks. Midi A goes to my Quadra Thru, which gives me the option of 4 bits of hardware: SU200, MS20mini, Volca FM, Korg Prophecy, or Alesis Micron. and midi B goes out to the JV1010’s 16 channels.


so since a midi keyboard has appeared, i am ordering what i have been wanting for awhile.
The novation is still on my list.just comes second.
pulling the trigger friday!


I want one too, but unfortunately I have other priorities at the moment. It feels like that has the potential of being the new MicroKorg…


For anyone who has a Volca F.M. This is an unofficial firmware update. It gives some interesting things, but the main thing is it gives the F.M velocity sensitivity.


Nice Rixtr! I am lusting after one of those myself. Esp with the ability to update the digital osc and the effects (albeit you have to pay for a lot of them). I have the monologue and man that thing can do a ton too, so I expect great things out of this if I get my hands on it.

On the other hand, the Argon8 and the Hydrasynth are coming too…tasty wavetables, mmmmm.


WHAT? pay…for…is this a new hardware subscription thing?
i will have to research this…That is a deal corporate greed model for me.
hmmm…EDIT ok yeah i knew about that,i was more interested in the open source sdk,and your own oscillators.16 of them!
my overactive mind has been busy lately.
now i can relax.


So, I did the unofficial firmware update on my Volca FM tonight. Having velocity makes it an even better bang for the buck than it already was. Haven’t really ventured into the other stuff, like cc to change patch, and the chorus stereo width and so on, but should make for a very versatile little box now.


An you change the algorithms by midi cc?

Because THAT would be something.

(An IDM machine)


Control change 48 does that according to the midi application chart from Korg. I don’t think I’ve tried that yet. Might give it a bash tonight.


I am BEYOND excited now that this has finally dropped!!


Launchpad X note mode and four custom modes can be used with anything that has a USB Host port (MPC X/Live, Futuresonus Parva, etc)



That is all!


rofl dude, that hand on keyboard. I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO PRETEND TO PLAY THIS FOR THE CAMERA :smiley:

Really looking forward to hearing what you do with the new kit :slight_smile:


I think this guy has out hardwared us all.

When he played it and it worked, my mind was sufficiently blown.


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