The Hardware Megathread


just fishing,i really have had my heart set on the korg minilouge xd but yeah the monologue looks about right.
cv - sequencer-possibilities…the price is right and the keys are full size…so yeah.


You might even be able to find a midi controller keyboard that has midi 5pin functionality for cheap. I know Alesis made one. The Q49. No idea if it’s available new now but I’m sure someone has this functionality at a nice price.

Then you could use it to build upon with desktop modules. All the while you get a larger keyboard, more keys and something to play while you hunt after that particular deal of a module that you want for sound.

Plus it splits the purchase from the need you have(keyboard with larger keys) and then sound box, immediately.

I personally have a workstation 61 key and 25 mini key. And my sound boxes are all modules, thereafter.

Blofeld, awesome sound box. Few knobs.
Darkstar, cheap and a “you say it sucks, ok let’s see” box.
Digitakt, I wanted a sampler.
DFAM, man it is weird but in a fun noodling way. But oddbally for sure.


yeah thats the way i started years ago! xboard 49-desktop modules.
iwas doing that at my moms i had a korg m-50 61key for the main keyboard.
a bloefeld ,moog mother 32, so yeah your right thats just what i will do,49 key midi boards are cheap.
and desktop modules are a far cheaper and useful idea.
Thanks man !


Thanks alot! i have settled on a novation 61SL MkIII!
payments man! $100.00 a month for 5 months.
this has everything i need and then some.old school midi in -0ut-through
cv in out gate and sequencer etc.king kong of midi man!

i cn really build off of this!
done deal ordering nov.3rd!
woo hoo cant wait!
this pic is the 49
ima git the 61


Very nice, probably the king of midi keyboards right now, especially if it plays with your DAW well. I think that thing has a couple of sequencers built in too, so if your synths don’t have or only have like a 8 step sequencer you can just use that one instead.


No worries bud. I’m curious what you’ll find hardware-wise once you work your way there. But that is defintely an upgrade to your current keyboard.

Additionally, I know this isn’t hardware(specifically) at this point. But at one point I bought a Launchpad and then an APC40. Specifically both were very useful DAW-wise extending my control of the Live as I was able to less mouse and click stuff but trigger new clips and then also go right into modifying stuffs. The APC especially. Even though it’s marketed more as a performance device, it really suited me more during production.

But I digress.


yeah it technically is not hardware,however i chose this because it works well with ableton.
but mostly with the cv gate etc…im thinking another moog mother 32,perhaps something a little more interesting like korg minilogue xd module,berhinger model d,behringer neutron…
Thats what im thinking,the korg minilogue comes first of course.the moog can wait,it’s really a one trick those filters…


You will never need another midi controller in your life.


Elektron has really been showing all their machines some love recently. A4 / AR just received a huge update including chord & scale mode, midi out for their sequencer, which is a really big deal that they did that. Kind of weak they didn’t just do it to begin with but I won’t hold it against them. Analog Heat just became a class compliant audio interface. So it’s plug and play with laptops, iPads, iPhones, and pretty much everything else w a usb / usb c / lightning input. Pretty cool to see them continuing to support their product lines long after release. Overbridge is solid across all products as well now, which is also cool. Took some years but it seems all wrinkles the community had are now officially ironed.


I thought overbridge was still not working for the little boxes, to include the heat


So, are you disagreeing with my post or just saying what you thought so you can post something? I can dig up a link if you want but I’d rather not argue the point.


Oh fuck sigh.
You even admit it seemed like you were being a dick. But now you’re being an actual dick because you “forgot” to put a question mark. I thought, in light of the way you were seeming to be with your original post, my reply was actually cordial given the circumstances.

You often have some vaguely underhanded thing to say after my posts, which I’ve never understood. Maybe it’s because you often forget certain punctuation like you have here, maybe it’s because you’re actually being underhanded. Only you know.

I’m not going to dig up a link. My initial post stands. If you think I’m wrong do more research. Unless you don’t care, which is fine, but if that’s the case there’s no need to respond in the first place.




I’ve been looking into getting a MC-505. What’s your overall opinion of it? Does it hold up, is it still useful given how gear has advanced since the late 90s/early 2000s, and do you think it’d be a good investment for someone who prefers to work with boxes rather than ITB or “proper” synths?


What movie is that from lmao.


MC505 is great!

the sound library on it will sound a bit dated if its stock but you can edit the sounds to update.


Its a meme from an old TV newscast. if you look up “i like turtles” it’ll show up.


Right on. I remember that. I knew it was familiar some how.


I’m only keeping mine for sentimental reasons, plug it in once a year, try it a bit and that’s it.
I think the workflow doesn’t really hold up anymore, maybe it might be nice as a sound module but not sure it’s worth it.
For a standalone, all-in-one box I couldn’t be happier with my MPC Live. It is the closest I ever got to a dream all-in-one machine.
But it’s a totally different price range.
The Electribes are a nice option too. Not sure about the new MPCs, I haven’t spent enough time with them.
If I had the budget I’d get a Tempest but that’s because I like groovebox a and never had a chance to try one…


I’ve actually been eyeballing an MC303 because right now they are very affordable. I understand its completely a matter of personal taste but for me the dated soundbanks is exactly why its appealing to me. The 90s no matter how dated will never go out of style, Especially when it comes to the DnB/breaks of that era.