The Hardware Megathread


As the name suggests “Sloths” it runs very slowly, the module has 3 channels each send out a chaotic voltage slowly over time at different rates, each of the 3 channels has a name

Torpor takes approx. 15-30 seconds (to perform a cycle)
Apathy takes 60-90 seconds.
Inertia takes 30-40 minutes.

(Torpor/Apathy/Inertia were originally 3 separate sloth modules but now with SMD rather than thru-hole all 3 modules are put into one 8HP module)

Each of those channels has 3 outputs X,Y,Z which are taken from different stages of the circuit and are all different from one another, the 3 Z outputs are also fed into different rectifier and the results of this are available on the + & - output jacks.

The LEDs on each channel either glow Red or Green depicting weather it is a negative or positive voltage it is spitting out.

Basically the Sloths is brilliant for making those self generating Ambient style patches where you want things modulatiedvery slowly over time.

Like i mentioned to you at the show, Triple sloths is one of those modules i built many months ago that didn’t work, i got thinking about what the problem maybe and fixed it on Friday, i sat listening to it slowly modulate mutable instruments Rings for about an hour and was that impressed i started building another two :grinning:


From Russia with love love love love love love love

Yet another delay …

this is effects section of a soma lyra8 synth built for eurorack.


I sneaking into @canecreek’s studio to make some lovely Dub using all his delays…


I must admit after playing around with the Lyra8-FX, its ok but Feedback 1 bit delay absolutely destroys it,

don’t tell anybody on Muffwiggler they’ll string me up for such blasphemy :shushing_face:


Qubit Bloom for sequencing
Qubit Chord v2 & Nebulae Granular Sampler for sound sources
Qubit Prism & Mutable Instruments Ripples for filtering and effects
Mutable Instruments Stages for envelopes / modulation
Mutable Instruments Blinds quad VCA
Make Noise Rosie for line level out / send return
Tiptop Audio Mantis 6u 104hp powered case

I also have a Clouds clone on the way to bring this home as a generative ambient starter rack. I have some room in the case to go. Next stop additional modulation, traditional sample player, another / more VCA(s).

In its current form it’s not as complete as could be but it does have the building blocks for a decent system. Just going to be making textural stuff to start.

My head hurts from all the research I did to arrive at this but hey, that’s half the fun in my mind.


I’m a big fan of Analogue’s consoles, but now they’ve added Nanoloop to their newest console, built in, included in the price. And rumor is this version could get some special capabilities because of the extra power the FPGAs can offer, combined with them open-sourcing that second FPGA for independent developer use. Could be the best $200 synth out there :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks great. And then there’s the teasing hint of rug. Phwoooar.


Feel free to throw any recordings you make and don’t use our way for sampling : )

Looks fantastic, man.


Looks cool if you still have the A4 they should work really well together.


Thanks guys.
Yeah the A4 could bring quite a bit of utility to the setup. After this though my budget is tapped so I might be letting it go in order to fill the rest of the rack. Not going to do that right away though. Need to get familiar with the setup as is for a while then assess what my needs are. Don’t want to fill the rack just to fill it.


Spent the day yesterday getting version 1434677.6654 of my rig setup for midi.

2 iConnectivity Midi4+'s on a network switch and MacOS. For keys, midi over IP has my keys world talking to itself via DIN (so i can sequence with the MPC at any given moment) and reaching the computer via LAN. The 2nd Midi4+ is handling midi in my rack for virus and program changes for some of my rack fx.

Its all working really well, other than me needing to figure out where in the stream would be best to filter out midi clock, as currently if Ableton drives the MPC’s clock they double down on clock data causing synced arps and delays to run twice as fast. I’ll spend some time with it to see what makes the most sense, but… given the MPC’s clock being far more solid than Ableton/Mac I’ll likely sort the best way to have it be the master most of the time.


If only all you mofos were as sexy as your setups ;p :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d


Hey guys thought i would pop in and ask a question.
so i have my new place,and clearly i need more than a korg nano key.
it has served its purpose and needs to be retired.
what i am after is a hardware synth like the minilouge- xd ,but with full size keys.
or who has one and how are the keys for playing live?
price range around 600 700 $ us,i will have to do The 4 easy payment bit because my fixed income demends it.
Throw some suggestions at will have to double as midi keyboard as well.


It’s a monosynth but the Novation Bass Station jumps to my mind.


If money is tight, why not save for a bit and buy used? Just keep an eye on your local Craigslist and jump on something that catches your fancy. I’m sure there are plenty of digital 61-key polys from the 80s/90s for a couple hundred bucks. You don’t say anything else besides full keys and sending MIDI, so it’s hard to recommend anything specific.


Blofeld Keys maybe? Used


Qu-bit make some great modules i have a chord MK1 and Contour.

I recommend a NLC Triple Sloths for slow modulation great for Ambient stuff.



have you checked out the Argon8? Digital and wavetable, but in that $ range. Or how about the Arturia microfreak? Also digital, and odd keys but looks to cover a huge amount of territory for like half the price. THen you could get f.e. a Behringer K20/Model D/Neutron thingy to boot. FWIW I have the hands of a medium-large gorilla, but the slim keys on my monologue work just fine for me. I would have thought otherwise myself tbh.


Today I’ve been very adult and responsible.

I received an unexpected tax return and put it all in my savings, rather than getting the Korg Volca Drum.

I’m patting myself on the back.