The Hardware Megathread


I moved to a bigger house a few years ago, but now that’s not big enough either :woozy_face:


It’s a sampling/sequencing workstation. Sampling is dead easy, the pads feel good, it’s got lots of effects and a 3 internal synths, which are quite good, multi samples and a huge library of sounds. Pretty much Maschine but standalone although it works as a hybrid too, soo you can start a project with all your vsts, bump them to audio then move to the sofa and keep going.
It’s not perfect but it’s been getting better with each update and a linear song mode is coming.

I’m thinking about upgrading to the Akai Force-but that is a different price and size- but I’m happy with the Live


Fascinating :sunglasses:


You need to open up your studio on AirBnB so folks like me can come play with all those shiny toys by the day. Sleeping on the floor is no problem. Then you can afford to add on more space for more synths…


That is possibly the sickest idea I’ve ever heard of for Airbnb, and I live in LA where you could rent a space on the sidewalk to see what it’s like to be homeless as an Airbnb. Was like 300 bucks a night. True story.


Wait what? haha Like, the sidewalk outside of someones property? Lmao.


I had to google AirBnB to see what it was about,

id be up for that, my wife certainly wouldn’t :smile:


A Future producer, i only left grandson Jack aged 9 for 5 minutes when i came back he was using ‘Push’ loading devices, recording them and adding effects. At that age i was sticking mud on sticks and flicking it.


I’m amazed he’s sitting next to a matrixbrute and not even looking at it! Guy wants to get work done.


Not really amazed by that tbh - those big boxes are more interesting for the oldschoolers… younger people can just feel the power of controllers and digital synths :smiley:


I tried to introduce him a few times in the past but he was too rough with everything, he’s just at that age now where’s he’s more focused and knows being rough breaks things.


UAD Apollo 16 installed and had a first go with it by re-working a mix. I took out all of my “heavy” eq’s and comps, mainly waves stuff and used the Pultec eqs, the Fairchild and UAD comps.

I really like the way they sound and taking my CPU useage down from 45% to 15% was a win, with PLENTY of DSP headroom to spare.

I have a feeling my wallet is going to be hurting for awhile from getting some more plugs for this thing, I’ve just got the classics bundle that came with the latest version of the UAD driver. I’d like to get the Shadow Hills mastering comp, the lexicon 480L verb and the Sony Oxford Limiter… to begin with.


I really like the EL8 distressor compressor, and you gotta check out their Friedman amp models! So good


Had a good day at Synthfest yesterday, met up with @Auto-meh-geddon we had a pint and walked around GASing at the offerings.

We were both impressed with the New Hydra Desktop wavetable synth, sounds great and great build quality.

The New Waldorf Kyra looks far better in the flesh than on the internet, didn’t get a chance to use it as it was being midi controlled via the Quantum and somebody was always using the Quantum :smile:

Most of time the new hardware i find overwhelming at first view so i tend to look rather than try,

Tom “Analogue Solutions” Carpenter was there with his Colossus, its a 10 Oscillator beast which anybody can own for a measly £25,000.


Since I came back my wife has been asking me if I bought anything or if I’m going to, seems she’s expecting me to so I might get a Monologue or a Kore’s Volca Drum, who knows when another chance like the might turn up again?


I wish you hadn’t left before me as you might of talked me out of getting a harmonic oscillator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Blame the sandwich


yes an expensive sandwich :joy::rofl:


that impressed with the NLC Triple Sloths module that i started building another two


What does it do?