The Hardware Megathread


lol that’s an understatement


Deadmau5 will probably buy one lol. Like his 50k Moog Modular he probably doesn’t actually use to make music.

The best part of the copy is “exquisite studio furniture”.

It does look like a super beast, will be curious to know more about it. These big, uber expensive synths always confuse me a bit, can a company like Analog Solutions be making much profit for their time on something like this? Is it mostly marketing? I don’t know how big a company they are, but I feel like Moog have to be bigger and I feel like they couldn’t have profitied much from those giant modulars they made like 10 of or whatever.


Blimey I didn’t realised he’d announced it, 25k, I suppose it will be worth going to synthfest just to see/hear this.


so far so good. I have a good feel for how it works, just have to work on loading the right samples to get the sounds I want. No regrets so far!


IDK, if it were my company I wouldn’t sell anything for a loss and since they say they’re re-using and combining a lot of older circuits of theirs I hope that cuts down costs for them. But yeah, this is almost certainly primarily a marketing stunt/ engineering challenge to build resources to do better products down the road. Very similar to supercar.


Welp, I done fucked up now and bought myself an Octatrack (MKI). See y’all in 6 months.


Should’ve said 8.


Fuck my life, this looks beautiful.
12 oscillators might barely be enough for bass patches…


I like that they also call it high grade studio furniture, because I would totally plop monitors and a modular setup on top of this thing, or maybe a keyboard stand and something like a Quantum just to be completely extra and the antithesis of this machine.


Just been doing an hour here and there on the new Dreadbox Antiphon, she’s almost done.
I love the Audio damage Phosphor plugin and hoping this is a kinda hardware Eurorack version.


I’m looking for some advice, guys. I am thinking about getting back into hardware. I used to have an old Emu sampler but sold it a number of years ago (and still regret massively) but I still have a few other bits including a Novation Super Bass Station and a few effects processors. I do use Maschine and a bunch of NI plug ins but I’m hoping to add a new piece of hardware to my set up. I have been looking at the Elektron Digitakt or Octatrack.

So my question is would I be better off waiting and saving for the Octatrack, which will take about 3 months or so, or buy the Digitakt now and see how I get on working with hardware again?

Any input would be hugely appreciated.


Based on what I’ve read (Elektron fan boy here) I’d say the Digitakt is likely to be more immediate. For some people the Octatrack has a pretty high learning curve. I couldn’t tell you the other important differences though. Had a fair few Elektrons but never one of those two.


If you are buying used (which you should), then you can score a MKI OT for only 100-200 more than DT. MKII OT is pretty much the same as MKI, minus a few buttons and a different paint job and I don’t think is worth shelling more money for. DT will be more immediate, but OT is a hell of a lot more powerful.

Get the OT.


Thanks very much, guys! Just the sort of advice I was looking for.

I’ll start saving and looking for a MKI OT.


I had an octatrack and will warn you that it is not very enjoyable to use unless you can dedicate hours upon hours of learning the button and menu pushes. Imo I would get a poly synth that you could use with maschine instead of buying something with a sequencer built in.
Otherwise I would 20 times out of 10 say to go with not an octatrack.


Thank you! That’s interesting to hear.


Digitakt will give more insta satisfaction.
Sampling is easier and makes sense.
OT is a beast but will require dedication on your end, which could be off putting.
I sold my OT for an Mpc Live and never missed it.
Which leads me to this, have you considered an MPC Live?


Thanks for the reply. I haven’t really looked at the MPC Live. Is it a more streamlined OT with similar features?

I think I need to spend some more time researching before buying anything. I’ve not really kept up to date with hardware so all of the replies are really helpful!


Gonna have to find something else to build now.


A spare room for moar geer?