The Hardware Megathread


Love him. he has done a ton of stuff on old gear, and makes his own modules in a bigger size because it is easier to get parts…the best diy music guy out there.


All analog and rumor for the street price is $150. Don’t really need it (pretty happy with my TB-03), but I’m sure it’ll be super tempting once they are all over the used market for under a hundred bucks.



For $150 new I will defo fuxt w it.


Official announcement is supposed to be tomorrow. I won’t get one because I have phoscyon and I like using the piano roll to sequence it (go ahead an crucify me acid heads).


loopop had the behringer, xoxbox, Din sync re-303 and original 303 all playing together.

blindfolded i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between xoxbox, din sync and original.

However the Behringer did sound different, it clearly sounded different on my TV never mind monitors. so to me they haven’t quite nailed it (maybe its better? Subjective) but for the money and the context of the mix its a no-brainer.

and that Random feature adds the cherry on top.

One thing is for sure, if id of payed £2000 for an original 303 last week i’d be very gutted now.


Im really interested in one fo those formy rack, how do you rate it? Is it tameable or always mental?


My favw behringer td 3 demo so far, you really can hear that filter env speed “reso spike” at times…


so im using the minilogue for the open genre compilation! took three hours just to get a decent 1 min.intro!
but i am being picky!i did post a video here of me fiddling with the minilogue with just one seq preset.
sound quality is not good but it was fun! hmmm… ahhh!


Im not sure what your referring to as i upload that many pictures,

If its the Soma Lyra FX I’m one of the rare ones who couldn’t recommend it, i just think its a messy load of shite and not hearing anything I’ve not heard before.
Mylar melodies won me over with his enthusiasm in his review but in hindsight non of the results he was getting were really eyebrow raise’s, just him claiming they were :lol:
Maybe the Lyra 8 is the sum of all its parts as i don’t rate the FX.
I was slightly negative about it over at Muffs and had the soft-lad brigade on my case.

However i do recommend the “Feedback 1-bit multi-tap delay” thats far superior.
Far more complex circuit, far better results.


Nice demo, think i’ll snatch one and try to do the carbon based lifeforms thing.


I’ve got an xoxox here had it for many years, i bought 2 x MXR distortion + PCBs, and my plan was to put one board inside the xoxox but i just never got around to it.

Today it would be cheaper to just buy the Behringer 303 than fanny about building the distortion board.

give it a few years and 303s will be free inside your cornflakes :rofl:


Yeah the Lyra FX, it to mushy and random sounding then?


Caught this at a decent price, Should be receiving it tomorrow and will def post pics/vids of syncing this with the MS2000.


I’ve never heard an E-MU before. Is that the one that does the filter cubes?


I know there are a lot of people on here that like the old romplers. I am curious to hear how you like it, both the sounds and UI. I’ve always wanted a maxed out jv2080 or whatever the old Roland ones were called.


This series is surprisingly deep. Its the synthesis section from the Emu E64 series samplers, minus the ability to sample.

At one point though the offered the ability to write ones own custom ROM’s for it so one could use their own sampled sounds in the 1RU format vs having to tour/carry a 4RU sampler. Pretty neat. You’ll dig this thing.

Get into the “cords” section under the hood, EMU stuck w the modular analogy for their mod matrix, the mod matrix makes this series of rack modules really fucking cool.

I have the samples from the “Planet Earth” Emu module that I use in Kontakt but would have to do a real hard hem and haw if I came across a real one at a good price.


I always wanted to try the Emu groovebox thingies but never had a chance



A fairly basic multitrack sequence using the XL-1 internal arpeggios.


It’s never too late to try. :wink: