The Hardware Megathread


I wish my significant other was even a tiny bit interested in my hobbies. At least she doesn’t yell at me when I spend my pocket money on something that makes bleeps and bloops…as long as she doesn’t have to listen to them.


My wife is not interested in electronic music, but she is 100% behind my passions


Same as Auto here, my partner specifically does not like repetitive music and I’m mostly into house and techno, but she is all about me going to events and having time to work on music or mixing records.

@Auto-meh-geddon I don’t get the mono station until this coming Thursday, but I’ll defo post a demo of it. Everything I read said it got patch per step in an update unless I read the info wrong… (even if I did, still excited).


It does, I was about to pull the trigger on one.


Currently drooling on the Behringer K2


In hardware related news, the LXR drum machine I purchased on Reverb has…still not arrived. It made it to Germany on Tuesday at 7am…I am pretty sure it could have been delivered by mule by now but DHL seems to have the mules running the business instead of delivering the packages, so no box for me. So sad.

In other other HW news, I am close to closing the deal on a Kawai K4. Why? Because I can. And I need to git gut at playing keys.


Looks like they may have discontinued the Mono Station? Literally got the last one on Zzounds. That worries me just a tad, but I still think I’m happy I went with it.

Those cunts at Behringer have me by the short and curly now…an MS 20 clone!!!


No doubt, this is exactly what you’re thinking. It has the synth engine from the Bass Station II with a few tweaks, and that has crazy patch switching abilities. I’ve watched demos where people use midi CCs to change patches every step and make drumlines with it. And they have the AFX mode in the newer firmware that basically puts a different patch under every key. No reason the mono station shouldn’t pull off similar.


Hardware? Yes, but DAW oriented.

Got a UAD Apollo16 2nd hand from our front of house engineer. He was using it for mastering fx and eq’s for the show but upgraded. I’ll not be home for a month, but I’m looking forward to some shoot outs w my MOTU interfaces.

This one has 4 mic pre, 8 analog ins and ADAT so I can keep using my ADA8000 to expand the IO.

This year in addition to touring, I’ll have finished up producing two records for clients. I figured I’d make an upgrade, I’ve had my 828mk3 for something like 6 years.


Very nice : )

I defo want to upgrade back to a MOTU interface at some point. I miss my 828 MKII but all the functions are dying a slow death. I randomly lost MIDI and some of audio I/O started getting a little sketchy.


The UAD interfaces are so overbuilt I don’t have a PC with ports I trust can keep up with them XD


how do you mean?


Totally. K2 looks great. If I didn’t already have my MS20 mini, I’d be picking one of these up for sure. Speaking of which. I’ve been getting deeper into drum synthesis lately and finally had some time to go over this guide:

And I’m really blown away once again by what this machine is capable of doing. Particularly, the snare, hats, and congos patches provide just an insane variety of flavors. I also didn’t realize you can make a feedback loop within the ESP itself by patching the band pass output back into the signal in. It’s so obvious now, but it never dawned on me to try it before. Love this white sexy beast to bits.


The MS-20 mini is easily in my top 3 synths of all of time that I’ve owned. It actually might be my favorite.


They’re thunderbolt only aren’t they? My production PC has one thunderbolt port, but I don’t think it’s the newest gen (IDK if they’re on thunderbolt 2 or 3 right now). And as far as I’m aware the UAD stuff is thunderbolt only, or maybe firewire for the older ones (and I don’t have firewire at all). Or did I totally miss a USB version?


I thought the 16 only has db25.
Either way the ua stuff is great. You should check out their Friedman amp sim!


Oh dear, I’ve mis-spoken.

This is a UAD Quad FW with the Thunderbolt option installed. Silverface. FW for my MacPro tower and thunderbolt for my MacBook.


I intend to eventually, mix and mastering tools will be the first priority. :slight_smile:




i hold my head in shame.