The Hardware Megathread


I might end up with one, just because they resuscited the groove box brand.


To be honest, I have an MPC lIve and this would be gear lust, but I would have not gotten into electronic music if I had not seen a groove box back then.


Wow, liking what I’m seeing on the MC 707.

@Auto-meh-geddon same here, groove boxes or anything close-ish, have always been my sweet spot for making electronic dance music.



with all the new announcements this week its the Modal ARGON8 that has grabbed my attention the most.

I guess this synth wouldn’t of been announced yet as the demo is still a prototype but its a panic announcement after the unexpected Hydrasynth


Been enjoying this build up till now, however theres nothing else i can do until more components arrive from Thailand. It’s a 1BIT Multitap Delay which is an adaptation of classic 1bit delays from the 1980s similar in design to old delay units like the Ursa Major, ADA and Effectron, it uses 8 old school Commodore 64 memory chips to delay the sound.


The one odd thing they decded with th mc 707 is to NOT keep the CV trigger out of the tr8s. Doubly wierd since the mc707 has a concentration on sampling to loop tracks… Hmmm.


will this be a Eurorack fx unit or standalone? you had me at 1Bit delays similar to Ursa and Effectron.


It’s Eurorack


Buy a small enough rack and anything can be stand alone. As long as you have discipline.


That looks sweet, but I think this looks sweeter:

Perfect Circuit is the only place I can find preorders, but the keyboard version is 1299, so it will cost more than the Modal…I will be keeping my eyes on both.


thats the problem.

same with 500 series stuff, if i get a case it’ll be full before i know it.


Honestly that is something I’d be unlikely to ever use, however, I can see where at that is a big WTF omission for others.


Yes looked at Hydrasynth and Argone8, for me I’m just levitating towards the sound/feature/aesthetic/price of the Argone8

And yesterday I looked at my many synths and realised I didn’t own a British one lol


Effectively solving my 808+909 hardware problem. I cannot fucking wait to sequence this hamdaddy through the minibrute2/Drumbrute.


I used to have one of these and they’re great!

I sold it around 2005 when i was only doing live sound and thought i wouldnt ever be writing again. that lasted all of 6 months.


Just ordered a Dreadbox Antiphon, they are limited edition so thought id order quick

Its DIY Eurorack and I’ve been getting back into DIY as of late.

once they added the post n packing it was 180 euro/£168


I’ve read nothing but good things about it. I def wanted to check out some opinions before I shelled out 300 for an overall consensus of meh.


My girlfriend said I could get a synth on a zzounds payment plan for my bday if I didn’t go crazy. I had been thinking about one of the Behringer clones, but then I remembered I’d been really interested in the Novation Mono Station, and insta-bought that strange little box. Which is great b/c now I can use the Beatstep for my iPad and I’ve got two synths to use with my TR8S.

The sequencer is primarily what got me with the Mono Station, paraphonic sequencing and all the automation you can record. It also has patch per step automation. I’m going to step out on limb and say it feels an awful like one voice of the A4.


Per step sound? Post a drum beat or it never happened!
My wife asked ‘why don’t you get one?’ When I showed her the new MC groove box. I didn’t took the chance.

But let’s hold on to them, they understand what synths mean to us!