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Hey everyone, I was wondering if you have a synth with a pitch or modwheel that’s grinding, is that usually an easy fix?

The pitch wheel on my Rev2 started grinding last night. There’s both an audible creak when I move it and I can feel it being… not smooth. It still functions perfectly, springs back to dead center, no issue with the output. But I’m bummed because I don’t reach for that particular control very often and then when I do for it to not feel right is just sad times man…

I have synthetic oil for my turntable around, but my guess is they’d use a heavier grease for this kind of thing. Or could I be looking at a loose spring?


open it up, find the source.

if its the mod wheel potentiometer there are a couple of ways to fix it.


I will when I have time. Probably not until this weekend, but thankfully I was planning on re-organizing my equipment rack anyways so I’ll be pulling it out then.


Boards arrived from Romania today along with 8 tested commodore 64 memory chips, been looking forward to this build.


Man that looks like fun Cane. Enjoy the build! I recently got the itch to build again (I am a forever noob as I only solder once a presidential cycle) and I wanted to make an LXR drum machine…but the kits are never in stock…so then I found one on Reverb, full metal case, all the fixins, and tomorrow it will make it’s way from Barcelona to me. I will soon have a setup actually able to make some music without the monitor eye-strain!


I tried to go that route too but found that eye drops are significantly cheaper and take up much less space.


This is pretty interesting. Behringer have been very focused on their clones at the expense of original designs and it sounds like that changes here. For reference this guy also mentored the designer of/consulted on the Minilogue, so still very relevant today.


Not completely true though, Behringer release 2 very good new synths in the last few years, the Deepmind and the semimodular one whose names I forgot.
I guess clones might be turned around faster than new synth models, but 2 new models in 3/4 years is not a bad record


You’re right, it’s easy to lose any sense of scale when you talk about Behringer in comparison to any other manufacturer. And actually that’s three: Deepmind, Neutron, and Crave.

Still, I’m curious to see what comes of this and look forward to more original designs.


I almost bought the K2 from Behringer instead of a drum synth. They may have a reputation for making knock-offs and cheap stuff but you know what? I have no desire to pay for an original 40 year old MS-20 when I can have a better, newer version (both filter types, MIDI, USB etc) for 300 Euros. they are democratizing music making with hardware and I really respect that. A few more original synths would be really awesome. The Crave is coming soon too, don’t forget, so that makes 3 in recent years (DM, Neutron, Crave)


I mean even if the stuff is a little more cheaply made, if its basically just sitting in your studio its probably not going to have too many issues. I’ve bought all kinds of cheap electronics of all kinds over the years that lasted way longer than I thought they would.


I forgot the Crave.
I was about to pull the trigger on their Model D. Decided against buying any hardware instead.


For me, the idea is that I spend enough time sitting in front of a computer. I have also played various instruments since I was little and so my history is making music in a more “live” context. I find I spend so much time micro-tweaking my shit on the PC I am not developing as I want to, so HW is a chance to try for a year or so how things go using dials and faders.

The only issue I have now is that I was dumbly expecting the mixer I bought to have multitrack out over USB, but it only ports the stereo mix, so no multitrack recorded jams for me for now. Behringer makes a small rack audio interface I may have to invest in down the road to get that capability.


So an audio interface is a place where I would advise against cheating out on. Buy cheap buy twice def applies there imo. Get a motu or something great right off the bat!


Just got these on my feed:
A proper groove box. Loving the sound of this.

If you’re thinking of splashing about 1.500, this is deffo worth a look. Not analog, but real nice feature set.

Finally a new Fantom

Oh! And a 106/60 boutique.


Yes. I really DO NOT need the Roland MC-707. But I DEFINITELY want it :stuck_out_tongue:


The annoying thing is how long it took them to get round to it, but they do appear to have got it right, unlike Korgs half hearted attempt with the Electribe 2. Like quantize if you want it/ Electribe 2 you can’t turn it off, and up to 128 step sequences to the Electribes 64. That little MC 101 4 track they showed at the end looked pretty cool too.


There aren’t many mixers that multi track over USB. Well, not small ones anyway. I think these are the main ones. PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB: Zoom LiveTrak L-12: Soundcraft Signature 12MTK.
or, if you’re not worried about recording directly into your DAW/computer, look out for a used Zoom R16 or r24. You can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. You can even sit with it on your lap and mix and master, which I do on my r8, or you can transfer the recorded tracks to your DAW, if you have certain effects you like to use. i do find with hardware (non acoustic), that you don’t need to do much with it.
Almost forgot you can run them on batteries if you need to.


Yeah, if each of those tracks can be a full drum kit or a sequencer, then I have a drum machine/sequencer combo without having to quantize everything, be tethered to a computer, or spend a fortune.


ya’ll beat me to it, haven’t looked yet but interested :