The Hardware Megathread


I’ve got an empty Ikea Rast here 2x84hp, somewhere along the line I want a behringer MS-20 & Pro one to occupy it.




Mine says that too but because there are often big green clouds of funny incense coming from under the door.


ordered a Behringer Model D.

I’ll report back


Please do. I’ve been considering one as an easy desktop knob twister sound source. Pretty well down between the D and an SE-02, leaning towards the Model D. I’d love to hear your thoughts about sounds, usability and potential downsides.


For those who don’t know, the price just dropped to $210 for both Neutron and Model D (in the US), so absolutely no reason not to get 2 of each:

@Artificer, I sold my Sub 37 after buying the Model D, so there’s that. Sound? EXACTLY like a Minimoog. Built like a tank. Downsides? I don’t know, no aftertouch?

I know SE-02 has a few more bells and whistles. But from what I understand, the form factor really gets in the way (very small knobs and it feels kind of crowded). I don’t really feel that way about the Model D. Maybe once in a while I’d bump the pitch for Osc2 or 3 when flipping the waveforms, but that’s about it.

Though between the 2 Behringers, Neutron is a whole lot more interesting and its low end is on par with the Model D. But can’t go wrong with either of them.


Novation Mono Station arrived a few days early yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to think about it yet at all though, still inside the shipping box in the hallway lol. Might have a go this afternoon between classes, I finally for real have the day off Friday. So hoping to record ya’ll something.


So I unpacked the Mono Station and had a bit of a go. It is quit a bit smaller than I expected, which is great for me. It’s just the right size. Really impressed with the build quality despite it being all plastic. The knobs are fantastic. Sliders not as fab as the knobs, but solid.

A fifteen minute tutorial and looking up a few specifics about saving patterns, patches, and sessions and I was up and going. Defo lots of options for flavor despite it seeming a really basic monosynth. Lots of variety in the ring mod and distortions. Plus the extensive mod matrix helps with that as well. Sequencer is really pleasurable to work with.

Edit: The knobs really are fabulous.


Behringer Model D arrived, I ordered next day as tonight is my last night of rehearsals and I’ll be on a bus for 2 weeks. In between programming the band’s Ableton session and building racks I set the Model D up and tinkered around with it.

Super straight forward, it is what it claims. Build quality is more solid than I thought it would be, certainly better than my Korg MS20mini. Sounds lovely, and that filter is where its at. It’ll be my bass machine for a lot of things, as out of my HW synths I dont have anything w 3 oscs.

I cant wait to run this through some effects, I think it’ll play nice with chorus.

I’m looking forward to winter at home, not on tour to develop this tabletop techno set I’ve been wanting to perform. MPC2500, ModelD, Ms20, Minilogue, and some line6 multiFX pedals.


That’ll be a sweet tabletop techno setup. Looking forward to hearing the fruits of that project. Moog filter character with the right chorus will be righteously juicy.


I’ve been using my line6 HX effects (the new-ish one) more since they did the updates back in july. I finally broke down and installed the software on my PC so it’s a lot easier to edit now. Having gotten to know it a bit better, the one thing I wish I could do with it that I can’t is send just the wet part of a delay or reverb into it’s own effects line. As far as I can tell, you can do two effects paths, but you can’t send just wet mix down one and dry down the other… actually I think I just figured out how I could do that so nevermind. Need to go try it, will report back later.


So yeah, I realized that you could split the signal path and send the signal into whatever effect you want on the second path. Then, you just set the first block on that “wet only” path to be 100% mix and voila. Now I can modulate my delay taps and saturate them independently while I pump a mono delay down the dry path, then I can glue them back together with reverb at the end. This is the sound I’ve wanted since I got this thing, very eventide, but with so much more control.


So my K4 is on the way. Also got shipping confirmation on my Gechosynth, so with luck on Saturday my HW setup will be much expanded.


I hardly turned on the Mic in a week!
Also, last night while doing my ironing I watched a review of the MC-101 and it took 3 minutes to realise I don’t want it. It has the same synth engine of the 707, but much more limited access so you can’t make your patches from scratches.


Picked up an SH-01a kind of on a whim. Don’t really need it and don’t have space for it, but it was pretty cheap so I shouldn’t have any issues getting my money back later on. Just dicked around with some of the patterns that it comes with so far, but that pulse wave + snappy envelope sure is pure magic.


I feel you, I do to-do lists every day at work so that I can get as much as possible done every night, and in the past week I’ve had to start adding “synth time” as an item or I don’t get around to my hardware except to stroke it longingly as a fall into bed (as it is I get about 20-30 minutes). I don’t second guess any of the things I have so far, but it makes me seriously reconsider if I want to get anymore. I mean I WANT other stuff, but will I ever be able to use it the way I want?

On the bright side, I do clean them every weekend, and then because I busted out a swiffer I may as well get my money’s worth out of it so I clean a bunch of my house every weekend. That’s a nice habbit.


I had a suspicion the MC 101 would be disappointing. It seems more and more the “little brother” versions of hardware are only intended to create buyer remorse and get people to commit to more expensive “big brother” versions.


I do like how the 707 looks, hopefully I’ll try one at Synthfest


Want to hear it :ear::sunglasses:


Are you using the hx effects?
How is it? I am a big helix fan and am split between the hx effects and h9 max. Would lie t hear your impressions.