The Hardware Megathread


i can attest that this is a great plugin.

however, in more HW Thread related news, i got an Alesis Midiverb II for 40 bucks around the same time.

Megaverb is indeed better than the original, but the original still has a lot to offer, and well… is cheaper.


Oh, I ment the kontakt library. I have no desire to deal with loading programs from floppies again!


If it was in the same price range as the Valhalla stuff I’d of bought it, but with all the reverbs I have I’m not sure I want to part with $95, I will keep my eyes peeled for future sales.


These instruments are brutal. One of them is powered by GPS. Now you have to GO PLACES in the name of sounds.


well, I’d rather do that instead of play Pokemon Go (with no slight intended against anyone that enjoys that!). I already do with a little field recorder, or just my phone even.


The Kyra is shaping up to be an interesting VA… could replace my old virus indigo maybe…


new Desk/workstation arrives tomorrow! 8 sp rack and smaller than my gargantuan last desk.


Kyra, I’m looking around my room wondering where i’m going to fit it.



This um…wow.
Fuck me, this is an amazing idea!

Review video
These things are magnetic, by the way, so the “snapping” he refers to is magnetic. You don’t have to hook them together by ports.

And a text review with a bit of a deeper dive.

This is modular, so you can just keep buying parts and adding to it over time.
Like so…

REALLY cool idea.
One that I hope sticks around long enough to get some evolution. With some advancements over time, I could see this becoming REALLY powerful.



It’s a cool idea, but the elements look a bit basic for the price imho. From what I can see, you get two faders, two dials and two buttons for around 350€ - for that money you can buy a Roli Seaboard block which is just one block, but a complete modern MPE controller (even though a bit small ^^ ). I hope more developers do flexible systems like this with more expressive and maybe original controls.


Yeah, that’s why I hope it goes the way of Tesla cars.
A) Start out pricy, catch on, and get cheaper down the road.
B) Cause an interest by other developers to do the same thing in different ways. Like, for instance, if someone took this same idea, but mixed it with the idea of how open the arduino board and language is, then you might be able to tap into the mod-synth vibe, but this time making it a digital dev “mod-synth” thing.



Yeah the mod-synth thing is a cool idea!
The price just really hit me as strange compared to some of the more advanced stuff in terms of expressive and multidimensional control modules that is out there, like the Roli blocks or the QuNeo, but of course sometimes you just want a good fader… and I’m sure the flexible design can be useful.


That’s because its original intention was … digital art software…specifically, Adobe.
So…yyyeah. You’re already talking about a niche group who blow stupid amounts of money on silly things they enjoy for their artwork workflow.



I hope you are aware in hardware speak that this translates to “you will never have money again because this system will suck up every spare penny (or whatever you europeans use as your smallest denomination of currency)”.





Palette is great in a controlled environment but I’ve used them in the live realm, they lose connection w one another at times, on stage that’s… no bueno.

I mounted 2 faders, one knob, the “brain” and 4 buttons on a short strip of wood, and gaff taped around all the edges and it would still lose connections if the artists I was working for would pop the button as hard as… say an arcade fighter game.

Just a warning!