The Hardware Megathread


Here’s a video showing all the automations and settings for the 1 bar patch I posted above


It would seem mutable instruments will no longer make modules.

more info here


What I gathered from it is that she has stopped developing modules for the time being. Current modules are still going to continue to be produced. It just looks like she’s taking some “me time” and the article even has a twitter post telling people to not freak out, things are still going to be for sale, repaired, etc.


I can’t find my stereo to mono summing cable, which is annoying because now I do want to sample some of this. It makes a good standard VA drum machine. Nice kicks and snares, somewhat useable clap-ish sounds with the “doubler EG”, the physical modelling Send effect lets you do some very electronic-sounding cymbals that are sorta 808ish (but not). What’s annoying is that the knobs on the right side, beneath the jack, Korg moved them north compared to every other Volca so my overpriced Decksaver lid doesn’t fit, and those MFers take forever to release new covers, if they do at all, for something >_>

The glitchy really comes into play when a sound is playing and you fiddle with the PM side of things, but also the mod levels, amounts, etc. It’s begging to be sampled and chopped up into bits.

Between a MFB 522, Volca Sample, and Volca Drum (and MPC…), I’m pretty well set for drums and percussion, and they are all such smol boxes. Even with a little mixer they’d take up about the space of a Drumbrute Impact XD (albeit the Impact has full-size knobs. Fortunately I have little fingers :stuck_out_tongue: ).

The Drum is a little sketchy to program, selecting parameters to edit is a bit… unintuitive-feeling, and sometimes I would screw up and get completely unexpected sounds trying to do it lol. But I got used to it, and each of the 6 parts has two layers so doing sine wave or triangle on one, white noise on the second, etc, and now le snare sound.


I use this (also great for inflatable matresses and pool toys btw) and then vacuum when the loose dust settles.

EDIT: Not a joke, but I should mention I actually bought this for cleaning out computers which happens like twice a year, so I gotta justify the money spent other times too.


Also comes in handy for French maid role-playing.


My not overly effective solution


So I think Im basically getting there… I wonder if I want a small internal mixer or a modular CVable mixer hmmm…


Yes its awesome and SO much more than a drum machine…


first thing i did when i got into eurorack was build a couple of Manhattan analog mixers.


I would like one as it would work just perfectly with the Live, but I realised how much more easier it is to just use a kit from the various expansions as a starting point and just submit it to my will.
I’m still moderately lusting for a new toy, currently thinking Microfreak, Minilogue XD just a minilogue…


Romplers are actually kinda awesome. I really like the audity 2000 and decided to up my rompler rack game.


I love the Proteus 2000 series but never got on w the prior iteration.

Love the Planet Earth one, I have it for Kontakt.


I’m excited to hear what kind of layering comes from a semi modular rompler setup…Rompular Synthesis?!


the 2000 series, i forget about the guts of the older ones is basically everything one would get with a E64 series sampler, the modulation section the filters - all that dope 90’s Emu stuff without the ability to sample.


That’s a thing? I gotta look that up


That’s why sometimes I still fire up the old Roland MC-505, the engine still sounds good.


Ok it’s not hardware but what a brilliant advert


The filter cutoff of the Audity 2k is made doubly absurd when blending the cutoff HPF of the Drumbrute. At this point in time it seems that everyone is going after analog and classic synths, Naturally driving the price range (even higher) than never ever before. In the meantime, Romplers are quite affordable. Even the Korg M3R is well into the high 100 low 200 dollar range, So its like scoring a Korg M1 without the keyboard at the cost of an Arturia microfreak.