The Hardware Megathread


But having fun is what is best in life. Finishing tracks is often over-rated in music communities :slight_smile:


@AikiGhost have you seen the Neutron stuff from ?


My first half hour with the MPC Live 2.6 update, this is just 1 looping bar with 1 instance of Tubesynth. It’s like the MPC Live is a brand new machine.

I’m obviously unhappy as I’m out of excuses for not making music…


Oh that’s nice :smiley:


Powerfully pushed :grinning::grinning::grinning: :sunglasses:


Yeah I’m definitely getting a Live. I’ve been using the one I borrowed a lot more than my X that I had at home (friend has it atm), by simple virtue of I have breaks and lunch at work, arrive early, etc and sometimes when I’m home I’m just not always in the mood or mindset for music’ing :woman_shrugging:

It’s not as portable as my OP-1 was when it wasn’t broken (coughs), and I really don’t want an OP-Z even if it’d fit in the bag I already carry. And being able to easily transition to a “bigger environment” when I get home and do want to work on something is really nice.


What kind of job do you do?
I used to play on the IPad at lunch break and do some sound design, but I wouldn’t have brought the Live. Op1 or Z though…


I work in an office, and when the weather is nice (ie not miserably hot summer or severe thunderstorms) I can sit outside in the courtyard. Office has a couch I can chill on, or some break areas, but those usually have people pestering me about wtf I’m doing, despite, y’know, having headphones in my ears and clearly busy doing something… I used to use my iPad and Beatmaker 3 but tapping on the glass was getting… old, even if I do love the software.


The wife got me this new potato peeler and i think its great, a shame it has a potato as its body as that kinda pigeon holes it when in-fact its quite capable of performing other tasks such as peeling carrots.


I’ve been wanting a new potato peeler for years…


It can peel whatever it wants!


I fucked into batteries on Zoom MRS 8. this box only accepts regular batteries not Rechargeable
yeah i want take this box out of house to record some vox


wait what? so it won’t run on 1.2V batteries is what you’re saying? Meh. But you can still take it out, unless you’re just against using non-rechargeable land fillers


it won’t run on rechargeable batteries AA it runs on ordinary batteries AA. that is what i’m sayin’


Is that a Doepfer wasp filter on the middle row?!


I’ve had this problem with older portables. I wonder how the device knows the difference between different types, since the energy output is ideally the same (?).

But anyway…

The only alternative to single use batteries I can think of, would be using an external, rechargeable 9V power source. I suggest looking at ones made specifically for guitar effect-pedal boards first.


Yes its the wasp filter.


Two things come to mind. First is that it’s needing 1.5V batteries and the rechargables only put out 1.2V. That’s fairly common. You could test the difference with a multimeter, and buy some 1.5V rechargables if that’s the case.

The other idea is that due to the manufacturing process, some rechargable batteries are shorter than standard AAs. Dumb but true. Measure or hold up next to known working batteries and make sure they’re the same length. Depending on the battery spring and compartment construction, I’ve seen rechargable AAs not work because they’re too loose to make a good contact. You can either shim it with some metal (folded aluminum foil can work), or hunt around for batteries that are of similar length.


I bought a Volca Drum this weekend and am not disappointed. I love digital things, and tbh kind of tired of all this analog stuff lately >_> This is a fun little box for glitchy percussion :sweat_smile:


Samples or it didn’t happen.