The Hardware Megathread


5.1 is the one I purchased. (: formerly owned by a colleague who used it as his DAW machine.

Apparently it screams.


Brilliant 5.1 is the way to go


SM57 anybody ?


Dreadbox have now discontinued the Abyss, they only made about 500 which makes me more happy i own one.


I still miss my MS-20 mini : ( got iMS-20 not long ago, but haven’t tested it. I know it’ll be pretty good, Korg apps have not disappointed me yet.


Kinda want the Medusa…


I know we’d mentioned audio interfaces lately. I already liked the look of the 18i20 v2, so I’m stoked they now have a better package for the same price in the v3.


Speaking of Focusrire Just food for thought,
Should a Audio interface ship with Ableton lite if it is not DC coupled?

It may leave the customer under the impression that their interface is compatible in all things Ableton only down the line finding they can’t hook up their modular with CV-tools and will need to purchance a different audio interface to do this.


It’s a fair argument, but I think most people don’t use audio interfaces that way. I think the intent is that if you’re buying an interface, especially the lower end ones, and for some reason you don’t have a DAW already, they have something to get you up and running that doesn’t look like Audacity. Now, I do have to question whether they should still include that in a $300 and up interface with 8 or more inputs. I’d rather have a $50 gift card to pluginboutique or something and get a new compressor or delay or something along those lines to go with it. In that respect, UA has an advantage because they have their whole ecosystem and they do offer plugin bundles and such (of course they are pretty expensive and tbh I’d rather have an RME for that money, but that’s besides the point).

And for the people that do need CV, I can only speak for myself here, but I’d rather pick up and Expert Sleepers module to handle CV specifically so I don’t have to use up interface inputs for that. I think there’s MOTUs out there for people who really want the one box to do all I/O.


2 things to say, since I’m not here much these days.

  1. I hate the “new” forum layout. Its ugly as sin and hard to read.

  2. Jexus is back…


I am pleased to say by adding the E-MU Audity 2000 Rack, I’m certainly not at any creative disadvantage.


The new forum isn’t real analog, that’s why!


I think its because its not in eurorack format… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just be happy we’re not inspired by the Waldorf Q…


That’s a sick synth tho!


I know and still expensive


I found a US distributor for Jasper’s keyboard stands, so I was able to order this guy with a strengthening set (read: an extra bar to put under the arms on the back support so that they don’t roll over) and some extra arms for small stuff, all for about $200 less than ordering it direct from the manufacturer. They warned me that pricing might vary because shipping might be more expensive than they expected or currency conversion might change, and then the final bill was $2 cheaper XD. The big saver here was shipping, because shipping one of these individually, by boat I assume, from Germany, is $150. Ouch. That’s $30 from Thomann’s. And I assume they get volume discounts and they can convert a bunch of currency in bulk on futures to help save the rest.


Nice studio furniture is defo worth the money especially when you’ve invested in top end instruments. I have a really nice 19U over 4 U rolling rack. I really don’t ever expect to get that into rack mounted stuff again, but didn’t seem worth selling…


I think I said it before, but it’s even more true now as we’ve had two magnitude 6 quakes about a hundred miles from me the past two days: I cannot in good conscience cheap out on furniture that anything of value goes on. TV stand, computer desk, shelving units, keyboard racks, none of them are places I can cheap out on and still sleep at night. Especially since this thing is literally going to be about 6 inches from my head while I sleep…


I’m well impressed with the Focusrite Clarett i have its certainly a step up in sound from the Apogee duet i was using, the first time i used it to my surprise you could clearly hear the different on the projects i was working on like every sound in a mix had gained extra mass to fit more detail on, however that different is now the norm so i wouldn’t be any wiser now if that makes sense lol.

I’ll post back in 5 years to comment about the reliability.