The Hardware Megathread


I’ve been trying to understand the hype about gamechanger audio Motor Synth but I’m not really getting it.
The look is fantastic and the theory underneath is curious, with both the engine and the painted wave shapes, but all the sounds I heard from it seemed quite far from unique, not really matching the look of the synth


Just had a look. Seems a little gimmicky to me at first glance. Not sure I have an opinion on it other than that right now. If it isn’t making unique sounds then I don’t really see the point at all.

LOLing this morning at the demo video here: All it needs is David Hasslehoff!

The sounds in that^ video all seem pretty standard to me…


Was watching this today and am still shocked at what they did with so little (in some scenes in the docu, they specifically go over the gear used to make some of the classics). In some cases its like a drum machine, four track and one synth. Crazy.


no matter what synth is released nowadays i listen and think i can recreate that sound with the gear i have, i think the unique thing with the Motor synth is the oscillators do like a 0 to 60 so you hear them speed up as they spin something you don’t get from other oscillators however its not something that will make me open my wallet as I’m not into making music of the scalextric vibe :grinning:

from what i gather each oscillator works like a scalextric motor…


I’m extremely late to the party but really enjoying push, think its going to help a lot with my drum programming.


are you finding yourself working less with mouse keyboard, overall? or something you’d have to get used to?


I’ve only had it a few days and at the moment I’m flicking between YouTube tutorials and basically learning but I can see the way it’s going I won’t be using the mouse as much at all.


unrelated to Push, how do you like that Kordbot unit? I’ve considered buying one on a few occasions, I’m using some software “Captain Chords” for similar functionality (helping me get out of my usual chord phrase rut) from time to time, but wonder of the Kordbot is more interactive.


Second night with the matrixbrute last night. First night was uneventful, was almost able to do some cool sound design. Second night I figured out how to assign matrix mod levels as a mod destination and got on with the arp sequencer. That thing is a blast! I wish all sequencers worked like that because that thing is so easy to see what’s going on. I’ve never successfully used the sequencer in anything else, but I figured this thing out my second try and proceeded to ape a 303 easily.


The Kordbot…

I just simply cannot for the life of me play a piano style keyboard, my god have i tried.

The kordbot gives me instant chords, and chords i couldn’t of played even if i was a pretty experience pianist.

So now the Kordbot is just a tool that gets used in just about every project.

I once bought Xfer Cthulhu to do chords and for me it was just too much mess about, my Kordbot is just there and i don’t have to think about it.


that sounds awesome, I’ll likely scoop one up.


Just put USB3 in my 11 year old Mac Pro, that should keep me going another 11 years


my mac pro is in route! USB3 seems like a good thing to have.


My Mac Pro came with 5 x USB and its hooked up to a 10x hub yet I’ve still run out of ports, so got a 4 x USB3 card off eBay for £20 which I’ve stuck my Clarett and Push into it so at least i know there on a fast bus. the Mac monitor has 2 USB ports which i keep my ilok and syncrosoft dongles so there out of the way and don’t get knocked about.


i may have to let my apple display go, its newer and has thunderbolt. ive not seen an adapter… halp?


I believe if it’s thunderbolt 3 then it’s also usb3 type-c, but I’m not 100% sure about that.


If your Mac Pro has the old stock graphic card in it you’ll be restricted to what screens you can use, I’m still using the screen it came with, I wanted one of these new huge screens then realised my card won’t run one.


I intend to put an upgraded graphics card in it, as part of the reason I decided to go this route was hitting the threshold of what my onboard Macbook GPU could do with Resolume, Premier and AfterEffects.

The ones i’ve been reading that have Metal support require an HDMI connection. When it arrives i’ll see whats what.



My Mac Pro is 3.1, I’m now thinking of somewhere along the line buying a 5.1 12 core off eBay for about £1000, so i can run the big screen etc.
Id only have to swap my hardrives over and it would be business as usual.