The Hardware Megathread


I know i shouldn’t post this here and its rather toe curling but seems the Quasimidi 309 got mentioned.

Found this on an old CD, first track i ever made with my Access virus C back in 2002 all factory sound bank sounds, Quasimidi 309 kick drum, sequenced in Sonic foundry Acid 2.0 , no compression or EQ back then i had no idea how to use it, oh and i sampled/looped the strings from ‘Requiem for a dream’ lol
back then i thought the virus sounded too cheesy and even to this day never used it in a track ever again lol
I listen now and think its not too back seems i only started making music in 2001, a year previous, prior to that my quasi midi was just used with my 2 technics decks.


well I put in an offer for €200…either he bites or not. There is another with auction only for less than that now…ends in 4 days. I figured it was something that would be fun to learn on as I have so little hardware, and no drummachine at all. the other thing that caught my eye was the Yamaha RM1X…might be a nice, cheap way to get a solid sequencer for a HW setup. The sounds themselves are panned as rather uninspired, but it has 16 channels of Midi sequencing and is supposed to be built like a tank. Can also be had for around 200…We will see. the Microgranny is fun so far, but the Flashback is even better. Spend 45 minutes just putting my Monologue through it to my guitar amp last night, testing the different algorithms…what a sweet box.


Speaking of drum machines the behringer 808 sounds great and for the price I’m very tempted, IK uno drum I’m liking too just a shame it doesn’t have individual outs, then there’s still drumbrute impact, great choice.


I saw the 808 presentation on Sonicstate. It definitely had a good sound, solid sequencer, and some cool performance options. I have to give it to behringer because MOST (not all) of their stuff I go “yeah that’s fine for the price, but meh if it was any more” but this thing is like “holy jeezus how did they make that so cheap?”.


I was looking at the Volca Drum but at the moment the only thing I’d seriously consider- apart from the geek gassing for the Endirphin Blck- is upgrading my Mpc Live to an Akai Force.
Will decide after the July update. The Live keeps getting better with every update, I must admit Akai are supporting it well.


The real test will come when a few people report back about touring with any of these new clones. It is one thing to have a piece of gear in your studio in the same place for five years, another to be on the road with it.


The RM1x is a very solid sequencer for the money. Make sure the buttons are all working (not that easy to find replacements). I have about three that are iffy on mine, but I haven’t used mine for a while now as I have the QY700 (32 tracks, 2x16 out and in). The RM1x’s sounds are pretty cool actually. Well, I like them. Good enough for some House, Techno, Ebm action. But it is capable of much more. The sequencer is great if you don’t mind a bit of stop start while you’re working. Pattern mode is best. You have 16 sections and each section has 16 parts (tracks). The sections are A-P and the parts 1-16. Say you want your intro to be 16 bars, you record on section A set to 16 bars. You have 16 parts (tracks) to use in that intro. Then go to section B. You can start with 1 bar and extend it in the jobs section which will double the current length.
Then to section c, Rinse and repeat. So you end up with sections (up to 16 of them per pattern), which can range from 1 to 264 bars in length. They can by different time signatures too, but not tempo IIRC. Then you play them back by moving from section to section, set up pattern chain to do it for you (but not if you have different time signatures).

The QY works best in a linear fashion (has like a piano roll). Also check the RS 7000, which is an updated RM1x, with sampling and 2x16 midi out, not so cheap though.


I’ve had both in the past. Sold the rs7000 here in London shortly after I arrived as I was unemployed and needed some rent help.
The sequencer was great on both, decent on board sounds, so and so effects if I remember well, but sampling on the res was fun. Too bad for the antiquated saving system, floppy and Zip disks…


they have usb drive floppy emulators now…I expect they are rather universal, but they are usually sold on Ebay for like 70 bucks as “RM1X floppy drive replacement” or such.

Yeah, the 7000 looks cool but it is 1. bigger, and 2. much more expensive. But it does sample…well I will wait and see. there is an RM1X I can have for about 200 here, might consider it. Could always resell it.


Definitely worth having. Great fun once you get the hang of it, and midi delay is a blast.
The other thing I like is no auto-quantize, so you catch all the nuance when you record in. You grt a more natural sounding track. Here’s a little demo I knocked up last year when someone was looking for something for LoFi House. Just the RM1x.


Rumours around the internet seem to point towards a standalone Machine.
Which could be a good thing…


Really? Haven’t seen those rumours. Seems hard to believe imo.
I am looking forward to seeing what the mpc live does next tho, might buy one again!


Very thin evidence and conspiracy theory…


That link doesn’t seem to exist anymore


The mystery deepens, I guess that confirms it.


I’ve just ordered a Push 2, so I guess that means they’ll be announcing Push 3 next week. :zipper_mouth_face:


Arturia Microfreak Module

Hey, I took the keys off the Microfreak.

I am assuming the functions aside from the keys you lose can be done with ccs. I honestly didn’t check though because they really are not things I care about.


Now this is something I want


That’s neat, not sure if I’d rather have the KB or not. Either way I’m going to be waiting for used ones to turn up so I can save some money. I suppose the markets will decide.

EDIT: Totally thought that was a leak of a new product XD

Still very cool you took that thing and really made it your own.


think id want the keys simply because i own no other keyboard that compare to that one, however it does look very nice.