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I just bought one of these… send help…


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Buy blanking plates and draw on them in magic marker. It’s your only hope.


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Thank fully I am only a creative as a hobby and so have a decent income borne of basic graft, boredom and a couple of bits of luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Soldered a 15100 rectifier/diode to the back of my “Evaton RF Nomad” as some guy on a forum said it would give an extra 30% tuning bandwidth, and as i found it did, I payed £2.30 for two 15100’s from China, pretty cool mod. The RF Nomad is a playground of sample fodder

Here’s a video if your curious what the RF Nomad is


Ready for the modular version of the Lincolnshire Poacher


@Argh-ef-jay might be pumped for this.


^Lots of people are pretty excited about that. The people in the AKAI forum and the Force thread on gearslutz were literally losing their shit due to lack of updates for the force. They we’re threatening lawsuits, calling the for e a useless brick, all kinds of crazy things. Obviously those people are idiots but it’s been pretty amusing to watch these people with more gear than music basically damn AKAI to hell.

But yes the update is cool to see. It also opens up audio interface functionality for the force which I’m actually more excited to see than the Ableton stuff.


I do have to say one thing the new electribes was the ability to bounce all the 16 patterns to individual audio tracks. In relation to the Akai Force update.


That’s crazy about them complaining about updates. This is firmware version 3 and it’s only been out like 8 months right?

I took a look at the Arturia forums to see if I could find tips or cool patches for the Matrixbrute, but the MB subforums are just like 8 threads with wishlists for firmware updates and one thread with updates that’s just increasingly pissed off MB owners for the past 18 months. The guys at Arturia then tried to placate them by giving a date for the next firmware, which they missed. Then after a week (and some very pissed off community members voiced their “concern”) they posted a video of a dev testing the in-progress firmware. In this they did not give the new release date, or explain what we’d be getting, but they did let slip that they only have one person working on this firmware, thus the delay. You wouldn’t believe the shitstorm that let loose, completely out of proportion given the reputation this thing has at this point (a good, if undersupported, piece of hardware).

Needless to say, I didn’t join that forum. I just downloaded the free presets arturia gives away on their site, grabbed midi control center, and haven’t looked back since.


The best thing about the new update is the step sequencer automation, I wasn’t using automations as they were quite painful, now they properly fixed them!
Akai has been doing a great job on the MPCs.
Now I only need to upgrade to the Force.
And the Live export will help there too, as projects are not compatible I would have to explode the tracks, export as Love then get all the audio loops in…


Yeah, that forum is pretty dead and Arturia are kind of notorious for having pretty shitty customer service. I think they are relatively small and think their resources might be better spent somewhere else. Maybe they are right, but I think it will really hurt them eventually. I bought a used MB2S and it was just behaving very strange where all the pads were producing the same pitch, but it was working fine when pushing external CV to it. The seller was really surprised, as it worked before shipping, but was very apologetic and didn’t have a problem giving a refund. I both emailed support and posted on that forum and … absolutely nothing for several days. Just canned responses. I ended randomly coming across some post that provided instructions for doing the factory reset, which wasn’t even in the fucking manual (why not?). So I did that and it fixed the issue. But sure did leave a pretty bad taste in my mouth, since I wasted a whole lot of time trying to troubleshoot that shit. It was driving me bonkers.


Is the force to scale in the thumbnail? Is it really that much bigger than the mpc x?


Why ar you keen on switching to the force? Out of curiosity


Workflow only, the mentality is closer to Live which makes more sense to my mind, plus not being a finger drummer, the grid is more my thong


IDK, I’ve been doing research thinking about getting the live in 6-ish months to be my drum machine/sequencer/sampler. But tbh coming from FL studio looking at the workflow from the outside in I can’t understand how it all fits together.


When I saw that MBs and Pro2s go for the same MSRP, but the used market has MBs consistently cheaper, I figured it had to be that either people can’t get good sounds out of the thing (which I know for a fact can be done) or dealing with Arturia might not be the best. I know their reputation and for the money I saved I feel OK with that.
Who I do feel bad for is the people who bought this thing at the $2000+ launch price with the expectation of pro-level support for this thing that has not materialized. I don’t know if Arturia ever suggested that would be the case, but if they did then yeah, they failed to live up to that promise which is part of what people paid for. So I get the anger around this, I really do. My expectations are lower so its not so much of a problem for me unless and until something outright breaks.


And so it begins…