The Hardware Megathread


Right you are, I was indeed thinking about Technics (now Panasonic) - and their SL 1200/1210 line. Sorry about the mixup (no pun intended).


Now worries! But you are absolutely right about those turntables! My buddy fixes and sells Technics as a weekend side hustle.


Somebody stop me from bidding on a Waldorf Rack Attack!


Do you even have a rack? If no, then I think my job is done.


Not likely to stop me, I have a nice titled space for it…


Bid on Little Bear R.atTack instead. Almost as much attacking for fraction of a cost. Plus, bears.


I cant wait for more hardware versions of the VST’s I loved.

This is awesome.


Hopefully a Waldorf Nave, at the moment you can have it in Eurorack format for about a grand… meh.


Well the donated 424 MKI works fine, the High EQ doesn’t work very good at all my MKIII is far better, not sure if thats my particular unit or if the EQ on the MKIII was simply better. Still great little machine.

Tascam have also been hinting on a possible brand new MK4, one of these with record to USB id be first in line.


Got my birthday coming up, I’m stuck between getting myself a Ableton Push 2 or Dreadbox NYX2 or just not bother getting anything musical at all…ponder, ponder, ponder…


The wife can’t have a problem with this, being your birthday and all, right? So just get the NYX. Gotta use those “get out of jail free cards” when you get them.

I guess it was fate after all

Funny how after ignoring Elektron stuff for years for whatever reason, I somehow end up with 2 of their boxes in one week.


Don’t feel bad for having an appreciation for nice things.


Push 2 dude, head and shoulders above the push 1 imo!


I should not have looked into the BLK…


Now that I’ve upgraded to suite, I’m looking at a push 1 or 2. 2 would be farther out but a used 1 is relatively cheap. Thoughts on either of them, even for a keyboardistish person? Worth? I also miss my apc40, haven’t had it hooked up for a long while, so I’m the going about that on top of the other useable features, in general.

Wasn’t a big maschine guy though, but mainly because of having to learn their software.


Well if you know live there isn’t much to relearn with push.
Tbh, I do remember the push 2 seeming much nicer than the 1.
And I think with the screen you can do a lot more than on the 1, like midi editing and stuff. And it’s actually decent for mixing too.
I don’t quite remember tho, as I moved to studio one now.


I’ll probably pay down my Sweetwater account and get the two eventually.


If Ableton made a push like device without the grid i’d be SO into it. I love the quick access to so many things but I don’t get behind grids, I just play a keyboard… I know, how pedestrian. 0.o

If I had a small strip of a controller w the control functionality… well that would be something.


I always wished they made a companion controller, same size bigger screen as the 2 and 9 faders. Would even be the best combo ever.
Would almost make me go back to live… almost


knowing my luck i’l buy a Push 2 and next day they’ll announce Push 3.