The Hardware Megathread


Well, guys I just ordered a Matrixbrute going for a hair over $1400 on reverb. I was genuinely interested in the Moog Matriarch, but for over $600 less (after you add tax from any reputable dealer which doesn’t figure into private transactions like this) this was just too much for me to pass up. And also patch memory. And have I ever mentioned I hate taxes?

The only thing I feel like I’m missing out on from the Matriarch is the stereo moog filter, but I think patch memory and the more flexible character can make up for that.

Next-week-me is already trying to figure out where to put this thing…

And the box sweet jesus where do I keep the box…


Box maintenance is no joke, - my boiler room is litterally stuffed to the ceiling with empty boxes. We call it: “the cardboard museum”.


I toss most of my boxes after a short vetting process, once I am sure I am happy with a piece of kit. Length of vetting may vary of course


So far I’ve had all my stuff less than a year, so I’m still not sure if this journey is going to continue or not, and what the end goal is.

Right now, this stuff is mostly an excercise in sound design, practice, and some songwriting, but I actually still don’t have an audio interface so none of what I do makes it into songs (directly, I recreate grooves or melodies or even sounds ITB and work from there. In one way, that’s nice because I’m under absolutely zero pressure to deliver anything with this stuff and I can really just explore and have fun. On the other hand, if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it…

Hence the box hoarding XD


Well, if you ever bite the bullet on an interface I highly recommend getting a great one off the hop. MOTU or universal audio hands down imo.
One thing I’ve bought multiples of and regretted buying cheap.


yeah i still have my motu mk3 i will not give it up.i also have a focusrite scarlett solo so i can use my guitar here.
never skimp on the interface!


I always wondered why your synth videos didn’t have direct recorded audio. Now I know. :blush:


I keep all my boxes in the loft…

Love my Matrixbrute, looking forward to the new firmware Arturia have promised as the sequencer is too plain jane and i feel needs a new lease of life.

Audio interface, I swear by my Focusrite Clarett 8Pre, Sound quality v price is there another unit on the planet that can possibly compare? do your research (there isn’t :grin: ) , if your not sure about Focusrite read about their heritage it will lay the quality/knowledge side to rest. I upgraded from a Apogee Duet and when listening to previous projects i made i couldn’t believe the extra detail i was hearing that i never knew was there with the apogee.


I have a scarlett 2i2, but it’s hooked up and secured in another room for youtube videos and thus far I’ve been too lazy to filch it for my synths. I suppose I could do that for now since I haven’t made a youtube vid in almost two years…

I was thinking of doing an 18i20 for my synths when I needed it since I already have the focusrite drivers and I’m very pleased with the 2i2 (first gen too, I’d spring for the second gen for my synths) when I do use it. But IDK, maybe driver troubles only pop up when you start to do crazy things like effects sends/returns and trying to do multiple channels of recording into various DAWs. To me, if I pay like 800 and up for an interface, I assume most of what I’m paying for is top-notch drivers that just don’t give any issues whatsoever on modern software.


Off topic but what type of YouTube videos did you used to make?


My brother and I tried to do some lets plays of metal gear because I have no idea what I’m doing in that game and it’s painful for him to watch. We did OK work, but we never did anything that was up to a quality level we wanted to release. As much fun as we had, we’re both pretty busy, me doing a full time job and music, him with full time school and writing (he has like 50k subs on his fanfiction, his writing puts my music to shame XD). So yeah, just difficult to justify youtube when we both have things that are clearly working for us and we’d have to tone them down to make time for it (plus learn to edit video fast, which is not like audio much).


AMSynths (Rob Keeble) has announced they are joining forces with Behringer, this is great news.


Been on a bit of a GAS phase lately…got my Gecho preordered and then whilst cruising the Ebay last week I came across a TC Electronics Flashback X4…which looks really good for the price, so offer made. should be here this week. THEN I made the mistake of continuing on my Ebay journey and came across a rather rare beast: A used Microgranny. Offer made, accepted, arrived yesterday. No box hoarding problems with this thing. :slight_smile:

Then, lesson not at all learned, and budget be damned, I looked again and now I found Rave-o-Lution 309 for 250/obo…KMFDM used one. Apollo 440 used one…Trent Reznor used one…I could totally use one…will have to decide if it is worth going into hock until September for it…


Automageddon used one about 18 years ago…
Not sure I would use one now.


I’m not sure I understand the point of reissuing an Emu Sp-1200 without much of an improvement, to be honest for the price it feels quite limited and dated especially when you look at how the MPC, which had a similar impact, evolved over time.


Yeah, can’t you just bit-crush almost any modern sampler?

In other news, I finally found a US distributor for Jasper’s keyboard stands, Thomann’s. By getting rid of the nasty 100 USD shipping and some of the foreign exchange fees/rates, I can save 150 dollars versus buying it direct. Unforutnately, they don’t seem to sell the strengthening kit for the upper shelves separately so I get to shell out 75 bucks for that or lose my desk space entirely to the matrix.

EDIT: In earthquakey southern california, I’ll cheap out and go used for many things, but when I throw three grand worth of synths on a stand, I’m getting the best thing I can fit in my space. Period.


I’ve got a quasimidi 309 I bought it in 1996 from Turnkey in London back in the days when you’d get the shop phone number out of a magazine and order.
Mine is unexpanded simply because back then I didn’t know you could expand them and by the time internet came along where I found out you could expand them quasimidi already folded years previous.

I’m very tempted by the Isla SP2400, I’ve been on the website several times with it in the cart just hesitatant to order, if it was buy now I’d of already ordered but £777 is quite a lot to part with when waiting 6 months, although I do have a kordbot through the same process so I’m 100% sure they will deliver.

I guessing the pre-orders haven’t gone quite as well as first hoped as today I got an email from Isla offering $50 off if I order in the next 48 hours because I’m a kordbot owner.


[quote=“canecreek, post:762, topic:24, full:true”]I guessing the pre-orders haven’t gone quite as well as first hoped as today I got an email from Isla offering $50 off if I order in the next 48 hours because I’m a kordbot owner.

I think they must have just sent that offer to everyone on their list because I received one too and a kordbot owner I am not.


picked up a used MPC2500 off of a homie last night, I’ve not had a chance to dig into it but I am looking forward to digging into this for some performances.


I’ll have to take a look at the rave-o-lution later, but between the rest you should be entertained for a bit for sure while you stop and think about what you want :stuck_out_tongue:

OK since odds are even you already bought it, I’d just say to consider one of the korgs that people still dig too.