The Hardware Megathread


Yeah. On the Surface the Toriaz (spl?) seems more appealing, but I suspect for performance I would prefer the other. The Toriaz may well have “clip launching”.


I like this guys videos and i think he may of already just cost me £300 :face_with_head_bandage: (i love niche)

If you like your ambient and don’t want to lose £300 don’t watch this video :grinning:


Despite what I might have said above, considering prize and bang for the money, the MicroFreak or the monologue might be the object of my lust.


Of those two I’d take the microfreak, but I’m a sucker for chord memory.


I would take the MicroFreak, also for space reasons. But I know this is gearlust and a new MPC Live update is around the corner, so most likely I’ll just treat myself to the CraftSynth 2, as the Craftsynth is one of my fav sonic weapons


that microfreak got me thinking about another keyboard… even tho i DO NOT need one.


Not really a keyboard though, so you can sell it to yourself as a synth with a buchlaesque capacitative keybed…


Yeah, desktop modules 4 lyfe. Tho I wouldn’t mind messing around with the MicroFreak. Size is an issue for me, but I could see myself sliding that thing between my desk and my bed when I’m not using it (because it’s so thin) and then just using it on my lap when I do. Or even just using it in bed.


Patience, dudes. For stuff like this, let it be out for a while, and wait until they start hitting the used market for $200. That’s when you pick one up to keep next to the shitter to combat your reddit addiction.


So, I’m still paying off my somewhat expensive investment in “industry standard” Pioneer DJ gear only for them to, 8 months later, announce they are getting out of the DJ equipment game. I’m sure Denon et. al. 's CD and media players don’t differ much, but what a punch in the gut.

My only consultation is I cheaped out and went with the absolute bottom of the line XDJ media players to save $400.

All that being said, I think I still prefer mixing tunes to making tunes. And since I don’t really gig, this gear should theoretically last a long damn time.

Teach me to only read headlines–sounds like some news is being spun poorly. Apparently Pioneer already sold 85% of their stock of “Pioneer DJ” to an investment company some years ago and is looking to sell their remaining 15%. Some people are speculating the investment company may also put their majority stock up for sale so the future of what Pioneer DJ will be is uncertain.


Yeah, right…



i have a “cool off” policy when it comes to GAS for this very reason. I get obsessed w a thing, i think about it for a few days, wait a week or so and re-assess.

Its the reason I dont have a bunch of weird esoteric pres and comps from the 70’s. I just get into the tools I have and make some music, 9 times out of 10 I realize I’m just fine without.


Yea, but if you don’t buy it immediately after it comes out you can’t scour the earth for some minor issue and explode like a sketchy food truck burrito and post on GearSlutz raging about how the company owes you something then reaffirming that having a vintage studio is clearly the only way to go.


I’m surprised what you said about Pioneer, i was under the impression they were doing well with the DJ equipment.


TBH if they only owned 15% of the company I’d expect not much will change. Maybe a few executives get shuffled around as they no longer have the votes to stay, but the managers, sales, manufacturing, marketing, and product development people should all still be there. As important as good execs are, it’s the people that make a company, so watch what happens to them and you’ll have your answer.


Always and forever, I prefer to buy used stuff generally because it’s cheaper and environmentally conscientious (re-use of the reduce, re-use, recycle mantra). But mostly cheap.


Yea defo less worried at this point


Yea, it looks like a case of bad journalism by Resident Advisor and some other online dance music outlets. Basically Pioneer DJ is just being sold.

And yes. Pioneer Nexus CDJs and one of their top end mixers is basically the standard for clubs and festivals. So, I can’t see the Pioneer DJ line as being unprofitable on its own.


I remember reading somewhere, that Pioneer got into problems because their original line of DJ turntables were built to last - and relatively easy to repair. So people just kept using the same ones, - not buying new products. It’s great for your company reputation, but bad for business.

In order to get out of this problem, the newer product will most likely be intentionally crap (and hard to repair), - so you’ll have to buy new ones more often.


Sure you aren’t thinking of Technics?