The Hardware Megathread


Its the ultimate drum machine really. To me, from demos, it doesnt sound very good at all. Very flat, controlled and kinda lifeless but there are ways to solve that problem. Its worth a shot anyway because i crave the outputs and the ability to design all kinds of sounds. Its a humongous shame i would have to pay 800 quid more for an mk2 so i can sample straight in


It’s has the ability to eat up a lot of the transients between the per track distortion and master compression and distortion, but it can be super clean and punchy as well if that’s what you are looking for. I LOVE the way samples sound through the VCF/overdrive/VCA signal path. Gives so much grit and character. I did a track a few months back that is 100% RYTM from the stereo outs with only some post compression and eq.


Got a message off an old friend today “Do i want a Tascam 4-track”, i whizzed around his house in minutes.

Done my usual teardown and polish, just waiting for a power supply I’ve ordered for £8.99.

I’m now the happy owner of a MkI and MKII


Do you want my portastudio 244? Ill give you a really good deal. I just want rid of it now cause i havent got the room. I expect you havent either though.


The 244 is a gorgeous looking machine, but i have 2 4-tracks now and your right i don’t actually have any room for my new one but i couldn’t say no for free.


The story is that i bought it for 35 quid when i was 18 off an old boy in sheffield (Im 27). I took it to to a music shop where my auntie used to work and the electronics bloke ‘serviced it’ for free. He was a family friend type who fixed my dads tv remote when i dropped it in the bog once. I think he did a good job on the tascam.

I tried putting a tape in it and i couldnt get the play button to depress. I probably didnt cover the safety tabs on the cassette… what a wazzock. I havent had the space until last year to have it out, i did have it out but only used the mixer to run sounds through. I was planning on getting some sort of enthusiast to come and grab it for cheap with a better written back story than this so they know what theyre getting into.

Are you in middlesborough? Maybe if you service it and we sell it and split the money or something? They go for quite a bit it could be a 150 quid each. Its missing 2 green knob caps. Lemme know your thoughts

Or i could just sell it to you for cheap, potentiall drop it off and you sell it on for a good profit?


If you have a cheap disposable drum machine, circuit bend it and resample it…fyi I dont have any hardware, just had to chime in with my 2 cents I’ll gtfo this thread


It’s kind of the other way for me, I can happily use softsynths mostly on iPad, but I struggle to get the sound and feel I want from software drum machines, unless I sample the individual sounds to hardware and take it from there


Hey, would you be willing to ship that thing? :drooling_face: I could give it a good home.


Honestly it would arrive as a bag of bits haha it weighs soooo much and is massive. No bubble wrap will save it!


This is old news now but this is exactly how i use the 4-Track…


@FM8 to be honest i’m only ever comfortable opening and servicing my own equipment and never touch other peoples because most of the time i’m just making it up as i go along and if i break anything then i only have myself to blame, i put the Tascam back together yesterday and as per usual i had 3 screw left over this always happens when i open equipment :grinning:

A local guy asked me to build him a 303 the other day my answer was…
A) i don’t have time
B) what happens if it doesn’t work?
then advised him to buy a Korg volka NUBASS.:grinning:


Tbh i wouldnt care if it broke i just want rid of it because my house is miniature and literally every conceivable bit of storage is taken. Ive just rearranged my music room (refuse to call ot a studio) an atm im having to take it out out the room every day while i use it and take it back in afterwards.

Im just gonna bang it on gumtree with an accurate description of what it is and somebody will jump out the woodwork and grab it off me.


If only I was in your country. I would snag it. Mainly to use similarly to that video @canecreek posted.


I feel you man. We joke we live in a doll house. W five cats to boot. But some of the houses around us are even smaller as they used to be vacation cottages bc of the near by lake.


Mate i live in a victorian terraced house in a model villiage my microwave sits on top of my washing machine under the stairs lol


Weren’t you looking at the Pioneer dis-1000? I ended up reading a few reviews, it seems really interesting. Not needed by me, but if I were looking for a sampler for my dj rig…


Yea. I was considering that or the Pioneer/Dave Smith collab. Both can connect with my CDJs via ProLink for sync and file sharing.


Interesting that a Cirklon 2 has been announced, v2 will have a colour screen and a new CPU 3 times faster than the old one.

I’ve now been on the waiting list 13 months, I put money away back then but if I don’t hear anything by the time Isla instruments release the SP2400, I’ll be using that money on the SP2400 and drop all interest in Cirklon

And then there’s the wife…


On that Pioneer / Dave Smith Toraiz thing I’ve seen some really great reviews of it on line from various people. Users on GS mainly. They really rave about that thing. It’s come up so many times in the AKAI For e thread with positive comments I feel it must be doing something right.