The Hardware Megathread


Well you don’t have to leave, it’s not like you sold off all your hardware I hope!


Akai Force?


No, I’m sticking to the MPC Live until:

  • More savings
  • They add song mode to the Force.

But at the moment the MPC is all I need.


I actually cancelled an order i made a couple of weeks ago. Not because i couldnt afford it but because i decided it was better to concentrate on what i already had. Not sure what’s happening but it feels good.


TBH I’m getting such good work done so often and so quickly ITB that I really can’t justify making more room for synths. I think I’m going to keep what I have as a writing tool/station, but I’m not really thrilled by the idea of even trying to record what I have, let alone getting more stuff to play nice and record it all.


Im currently up to my tits in trying to make an all hardware setup work for me in a way thats productive, sounds like I want, doesnt limit me where i dont want to be limited and limits me where i would like to be. I know its so much time and money spent configuring, planning, buying and then thinking some more but this is me giving it a good go while im at a point in my life that i am able to try it. Im fully aware it might not ever really work and that i might be all itb one day soon. I doubt it though because it just doesnt appeal to me. Id rather only be able to work with 1 lonely sampler than go back into daw creation.


^666 posts.


my hardware thread card might need to be revoked as well, as im only looking into stuff to beef up the amount of horsepower my DAW has for mixing.

If i can’t make music with the synths i have i should probably have given up over a decade ago.


You are Satan’s Generation!


WTF is this, GASsholes Anonymous?

Consume or GTFO!

So I was going to come in here and do a #metoo spiel about how I’m not GASing for anything anymore like all of y’all and I have too many synths and blah blah blah. But I just sold my Sub 37 and had the misfortune of checking Craigslist just for the hell of it, to see what’s up. Which was obviously a mistake. Because someone is selling Analog Keys for $500, which is pretty ridiculous. And suddenly, I’m GASing hard again.The dude is kind of far from me, so I won’t be able to get out there for another week or so. But if it’s still there in a week, I guess it must be fate…


Analog keys is such a special instrument!

Im back on track anyway suddenly Im getting a behringer Neutron and a steroping controller for my TX81Z with a longer term eye on an analog rytm or jomox xbase 999 as I STILL havent found a drum machine i actually like


Yes, pretty much…


Drum machines suck! :rofl:


Theyre the thing i covet the most but enjoy the least


ive never been as productive with a drum machine as i have writing drums in the box. they just dont work for me.


RYTM is my favorite drum machine by far. It’s also quite capable of being a lot more than a drum machine. It’s a pretty great groovebox capable of whole tracks on its own. It’s got a really special sound IMO


I is it an MKI? Pretty sure they released an MKII version of the Keys/Box. That still seems kinda extra inexpensive though.


Yeah, it’s MKI. There’s no MKII for the Keys, only for Analog Four. Never owned any Elektron boxes before, so that whole ecosystem is pretty new to me. Looks pretty deep and that sequencer and CV outs are the main draw for me. My only concern is menu diving on that tiny crappy looking screen.


OK, that’s right, basically they upgraded the tabletop to be like the Keys with the outs and low end boost or w/e. Honestly while the screen is crappy, it isn’t too bad–Elektrons workflow has always made sense to me, I found the A4 very fast for how much menu diving there is. The main problem w/ the screen besides being tiny (I think Elektron did a good job of using the space they gave themselves) is working at angles.


I am legally blind and the mkl screens haven’t been an issue for me. Graphics are well designed and come across very clearly.
On the up side, once you’ve learned one Elektron you’ve pretty much learned them all, the workflow and design is so consistent across their range.