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I think the only thought I can offer is that if you are really interested in trying it out, look into how re-sellable something like that is going to be, if it seems likely you could get your money back or a little less give it a go. That seems right up your alley.


All I’ll say is the SSL six seems like one of the better deals in the console sound space that I’ve heard about and it may be more flexible, but IDK what your priorities are and I’m really just a casual observer of this market.


That SSL desk is indeed a beautiful thing but these 2 channel strips are significantly cheaper than it.

Ever since that thing (SSL) was announced I’ve been going through potential setups and uses for it and I’ve come to the conclusion that since I have a fully featured console (16 pre’s, inserts, direct outs etc) as the hub of my recording space that I’d need to patch everything to a patchbay to get ease of use with the SSL, so it would be an investment in the mini desk of approx 1500USD followed by a purchase of a patchbay and all of the necessary bits and bobs to make that go… if i had a money shitter I’d already have one but as is… :woman_shrugging:


Wouldn’t you still want a patch bay to have flexibility to run your gear through those channel strips?
I feel like anything you would get in terms of channels of out board you will eventually want a patch bay for, otherwise there isn’t much point imo.
And space wise you might be better off with rack mount or even 500 series channel strips.
But there’s the look cool/ vintage/ emotional factor that’s equally valid to some.


yes and no.

re-patching a console seems like a larger endeavor than 2 channels.

i dunno.

please someone talk me out of this. :laugh:


It is probably just nostalgia talking…would it be cool? Fuck yes. Do you need it to get where you are going? I doubt it. I feel like your knowledge of this kind of stuff is deep–I bet you can get 99% of the way to that sound w/o buying this hardware.


TBH unless something is like the Moog filter of distortion/saturation, I wouldn’t be after an analog mixing setup (hence my distant and limited interest in the SSL or something along the lines of the Analog Heat). I have a few tricks up my sleeve (including Decapitator and airwindows) that get me fantastic sounds in the box to the point where my hardware is only there for fun or try out an idea on quickly.


Don’t do it. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Actually, I’m kidding. If you got the space and the money…make it so. I agree with relic on resale value but I don’t ever seem to get rid of mu stuff.


If you don’t buy it, once the opportunity is gone I highly doubt you’ll spend any significant amount of time regretting it. You are a busy guy with a life, you won’t have time worry about it once it is gone. Leave the 6 months of hemhawing and suffering over a piece of gear to the folks over at GS.

And I’m really not flipping on this just because you are asking someone to convince you not to buy it. I really don’t think it’ll be as magical as you are imagining. But that kind of gear is pretty much out of my experience.


I earned a badge for being a Gearslutz member for 5 years.
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Done lol


just had all my gear switched on waiting for a friend to arrive (warming up the analog) and i heard a bang, the place stinks of fried circuit board but i just can’t find the culprit, head scratching time.


Yikes, that sucks yo. Hope it isn’t anything serious…but…


Fuuuuc. Sorry to hear that. Turn everything off and then turn on each piece of gear individually to find the culprit.


2 hours trying everything out and i can’t anything broke, very odd as the bang was very loud and the place stunk :thinking:


have you checked the wall outlets/power strips/breaker?


weird I’ve tried all my hardware one by one and all work, so I’ve focused on my modular removed each module visually inspected each and gave them a good sniff but can’t find a problem.

checked wall sockets

Very odd


May not be helpful but I remember getting a friend smell from an old computer. Not about though. Anyway, the PSU continued to work but only for a little while longer.

Is it possible you have some Power Supplies that it could have been and not modules?


I’m actually looking at getting a new piece of gear.

Ok. So besides my either AI or Mixer equation, I’m looking at getting a highly spec type of gear:

I like my Blofeld but not interested in the knobs. I do like it as a sound box. Anyway, specifically I’d love to get a string machine, of some sort. And after listening to a demo of the init-12 patches it comes with, I find it to be useful enough in a focal or layering format. Without much fuss.

Does anyone have the Streichfett? I feel like it could make a very good push at a track, alone and even more so with some delay and reverb.

If no one has experience with something like this, how about in the same price range? A pad machine / String machine. I really want to incorporate more strings. I’m thinking sometihng around $300 is reasonable as a layer box.


Hi guys,
I hereby resign from being a member of “The Original Hardware Megathread”.
Today I got offered a new role, quite well paid, so I went to look at the prices of the synths on my want list.
And it dawned on me that I don’t actually want anything at the moment, I’m happy with my small and focused setup.
Sorry, I will miss you all, you were like brothers and sisters to me.

May your desks be always cluttered