The Hardware Megathread


Simply because it sounds gorgeous and combined with that sequencer , once you start modulating stuff with the LFO’s you get some lovely results.

The new random feature in the new firmware is a welcome addition.

Your on your third one, there must be something your liking.


The Novation Summit, can’t believe they didn’t called it “Twin Peaks” an opportunity lost, David lynch enjoys his music production i’m sure he wouldn’t of minded.

Ik media Uno a lovely small drum machine, I’m interested in that thing.
and as mentioned earlier i want NYX 2.

The Soma pulsar 23 is cool but i’ll try not to get excited about it as a couple of months ago i tried to buy the Lyra8 FX module direct from Soma but paypal just wouldn’t let me make a payment to Russia,i liaised with soma trying to buy it, i phoned paypal and they tried from their end but their system just wouldn’t sent payment to Russia at the end Paypal told me if i want to purchase then ill have to find some other way of paying, So if i want a Pulsar ill have to wait until some european shop stocks it.


My Aphex Twin Window licker Umbrella turned up yesterday, I’m well pleased with it,
no photos yet as I’ve heard its unlucky to open them indoors.

I bought it because i know it will be valuable it years to come, their £40 off bleep website but some people on eBay are already trying to sell them for £70 to £170 :joy:


I couldn’t resist, a thing of beauty…


Yeah totally, I just haven’t figured out what yet so I keep trying. Kidding.

It’s mainly the 4 parts and sequencer that keeps me always coming back. I just wish it was a subtractive synth, that’s why I always sell it, not an FM guy.


Isn’t the analog 4 what you’re looking for then?


^One would think but I’ve had it before too. I need something w more voices than 4.

The problem is I have too many “needs.” I realize this. That’s why I switched to MPC Live as my primary brain because it checks so many boxes. DAW in a box. I’ll use it for a while until I realize that if I’m going to use a box like that I might as well just be in the box. Then I’ll sell it for something else. That’s what I do, I’ve accepted it.

I’ve been getting live jam videos done out of my recent setups though quite regularly. That’s been a goal of mine for a while now that I’ve only recently begun to accomplish. So I’m not too worried about the setup flux because it’s not preventing me from making stuff.


Up to a certain point that is the same for me, but I spend too much time at a computer so being able to have a one-stop solution without using a computer is a godsend.


Just want to say again…so glad I upgraded to Pioneer XDJs and a real mixer…No disrespect but basic midi controllers just arent really DJing…nit saying one cant pull off a great set…the feel if doing it is just very, very different…very different instruments.


Yeah fuck it Im getting one of these.


Fuck off, you can’t post certain stuff here, some people have a rent to pay!!!


Luckily I have more money than sense :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw a demo of that and was surprised by how cool the hihats sounded of all things…


When Overbridge was announced Elektron said they wouldn’t support cheese grater Macs so i never bothered with it, however just checked Elektron website and they support OpenCL 3.2 or higher, my cheese greater has 3.2 !!! Brilliant.

Just been messing with the desktop Overbridge tonight with Digitone and now i love Digitone even more than i loved it before, tweaking from the GUI is great but that capture feature is superb, simply press “capture” on the GUI then hit play on the digitise, then when you press “stop” on the GUI it bounces all 4 tracks separate and a summed version all in WAV to a folder you designate, absolutely fantastic with the minimal of fuss and all via USB no audio cables to mess with.


Yeah Overbridge is pretty fantastic. Been singing its praises ever since it dropped. I was unaware of the capture feature though. Definitely going to check that out!

Also, had a play with the DN last night but sequencing it from MPC Live. I don’t want to speak too soon but playing the DN with the MPC pads brings a whole new level of expression to the box that I’ve yet to hear in all my times having the unit. I know the DN has chord / scale mode but being able to try out different melodies and progressions more on the fly on MPC really opened things up. I realize Elektron are all about their sequencers but I’ll probably be forgoing Elektrons step sequencer for a bit and mainly using the DN as a sound module.

Really enjoyed the sounds it was putting out last night too, more than before even because I was able to make more complex melodies and such with it using MPC. Most enjoyable time I’ve had jamming in a while actually.


Could you record you playing on the pads back into the digitone and then still use the benefits of the elektron sequencer? Like step locks etc?
Or even use step locks in the digitone, synced to the mpc, but sequence the notes on the mpc? Seems like there should be a way you could take advantage of both .


YES you can.


Yeah, i was pointing out that it doesn’t have to be black and white to @rfj, or however it’s spelled now.


This is a huge theoretical, but does anyone here have a ToraizSP-16? I think I’m pretty much done with finishing “songs” in my DAW. I’d just like to build beats to integrate into DJ sets and the Toraiz uses the Pro Link system to sync/share music with Pioneer CDJs…so does their DJS-1000, but it seems more like a $1200 clip launcher.

TBH I haven’t really played around with the TR8S and my DJ setup at all if I’m honest. Mostly because at the end of the day my DJ mixer is really only two channels, though I can use the FX loop aux input for the TR8S.


Who is considering buying 2 channels of a early 80’s Amek console for its preamps and eqs (its all cased up and ready to go, its a tool, not a project)?

(oh, so its me who is considering this)

Am i barking up the wrong tree here, fetishizing “vintage” when i could be getting the same results in the box??

halp! (or, discuss)