The Hardware Megathread


@relic From what I’ve been able to gather from what I see on line - yes the digitone has been, I’d say, wildly successful. This is based on comments I’ve seen and following it rather closely on the used market. Value holds very strong and they sell really quickly once they are up.

This digitone keys though, to reiterate, I’d have zero interest in. I get the “let’s harken back to the MnM” thing they are going for but I absolutely hate that design.


Yea, it looks quite strange. The design makes it even larger than the number of keys you can usually figure a keyboard would be wide.

The only thing I will say is I instantly notice that it offers a new number of audio outs, stereo for each track. So that might be interesting alone but nope…not interested.


Yes the individual outs would make it useful for an all HW setup but via Overbridge you can get the individuals already. So unless you’re completely out of the box it’s not that much of a selling point anyway, IMHO.




Apparently Behringer is also working on a CS 80 now (I beleive the DS 80 is what they called it). But that one being a keyboard unit with polyphonic aftertouch, my guess is the 80 would be $1500 to $2000 even with the Behringer discount.


I hated the look of the old mono machine and now the digitone with the keyboard like that is just as silly. It doesn’t seem very ergonomic, or handy for space.


I have the Digitone and still think its the best synth ever, the keyboard version doesn’t interest me but looks a great piece of kit.

The Dreadbox NYX 2 is released in June, and it just happens to be my birthday in June (surely the wife will let me have one lol)


Don’t do it! She will get you.


[quote=“canecreek, post:612, topic:24, full:true”]
I have the Digitone and still think its the best synth ever, the keyboard version doesn’t interest me but looks a great piece of kit[/quote]

I’d be interested to hear more about what makes the DN the best synth ever for you. I’ve had 2 so far over the last 2 years that I’ve sold for other gear. I now have my third on the way to replace my DT that is going for the time being in favor of an MPC live. It’s a gear swap problem I have but that’s another story. Anyway…

I’m not an FM guy so designing sounds I have in my head on the DN isn’t as easy for me as it is on a subtractive synth. But for some reason I keep going back to it. So yeah, any thoughts you have on what you love about it so much I’d be interested to hear.


Holy shit…

Minilogue XD Module.


Link might not be working but it’s a thing.


Now that’s something I want!


Oh nice, now I wouldn’t have to double on keyboards! Just topped my list now!


EARS WIDE OPEN= a definite deal maker!


I was THIS close to making my minilogue OG a module and then re-organized a bit and it’s my quick go to controller now.

Want that XD module tho… damnit.


This thing is just mental in the best possible way.


That looks like it would be a lot of fun. Never seen to he clip style they have on there. At first I thought they were switches but after figuring they were contacts, that’s a ton of points.


Im guessing theres no chance of the XD module ever being multitimbral?


I’ve found myself back at the crossroads of overwhelmed yet again. So for any amount of effort into discipline that I’ve obtained since August of 2018, I’ve thoroughly pissed it away by putting this beastie front and center of the pros/cons list…


Sugar Bytes Factory is free on iPad and it sounds really good, similar to Razor in some ways


Holy shit! Had to post this. Just slightly blown away.