The Hardware Megathread


Yes the Deckards dream comes in DIY or already assembled, when it was first announced i was all hyped to build one, but when they revealed the price for the PCBs/Panels i gave it a miss.

I have played one a few times at Gear shows, beautiful synth.


Big box ? my guess is it will be a small box in the “Model” range…

However i hope your right and its a big box…


Microfreak was a nickname for one of my ex gfs. She was one of the most petite freaks I ever knew. The kind that liked being called that kinda nickname.


Just got one. I had had a Monologue and it was great with a few effects pedals for a versatile array of sounds. But with the digital osc addon, this does more in the same physical space.


Yeah, that thing seems right up my alley, sound price and size wise.
Damn nick batt for making such a good video on it!


Nick Batt has sold me more gear than any corporate marketing has.


New MonoMachine?


I’m not watching that review on purpose


I am not smashing my noggin for parting with my monomachine.nope…grrrr…


Some of the sleuthing going on over at elektronauts is pointing towards a Digitone keys. Means I’m safe as I already have a Digitone and an AKeys.


MnM is still my favorite things they’ve ever done. Proper desert island box


Looks like Steinberg is considering jumping into the hardware game, turning their VSTis into standalone boxes.

Retrologue 2 sounds pretty good, but it’s not a particularly exciting use of this technology. But if they ever decide to turn their Padshop Pro (granular) synth into one for a reasonable price, I’d be all over that. Love that synth.


Apparently Dreadbox is going to be bringing a new Nyx with dual filters to superbooth. This is really turning into the year of mutliple filters, and I’m really stoked for that. I’m treating my Rev2 more like a dual filter synth these days now that I have an external effects unit, and with the aux envelope routed to cutoff you can play some really cool filter movement of the two filters against each other (for starters)


I almost pulled the trigger on a NYX a number of times, a new version interests me.


Confirmed, digitone keys. Glad I’m not tempted by that in any way.




I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the meetings where they talked about doing a Digitone keys. This thread and one on one convos are the only gear talk I partake in these days. Is the Digitone that popular? I mean, it would be the only in-production FM keyboard synth? I’m not saying it is a good or bad idea. Seemed to work out well enough for the A4.


I know ess, or whatever his name is, is on record saying digital is coming back in a big way. I like FM but not sure I’d have the space for a keyboard version and the Digitone sounds neat but so does that Yamaha reface DX or or even the VolcaFM at a fraction of the cost.

Found a demo of it from loopop:


I forgot about those little guys. I’m not a fan of how they just strapped the keyboard to the side of it, but that kept costs down I’m sure. Weird looking critter like that Monomachine keyboard.


That’s some weird pitch and mod wheel placement…