The Hardware Megathread


Exactly! Of the last three synths I owned I miss the A4 the least. And ditto on turning into a boring 90s four to the floor guy…seems so wrong but feels so right.


I would still upgrade to a Force if I could afford it, but I agree, the Live sounds great, to my ears it sounds even better if you slam the MPC3000 (I think) vintage effect on the master or if you place an AIR Maximiser effect on the master and push it a bit.

What I like the most of it, is the simplicity of sampling, I had an Octatrack before, its like night and day.
What I appreciate now are the expansion library and the workflow.
I’m getting into the habit of either starting from a kit then “exploding” it to track so I can just play around with track mutes instead of shifting between track and pad mutes or just loading a sound per track and take it from there.


I still miss the Evolver and the Blofeld, the Blofled was such a nasty thing!


How do I get to the masterbus on the MPC? I was actually trying to figure that out, couldn’t, then just assumed there wasn’t one and moved on, lol. Do I have to manually route things through a send or is there an actual 2bus on the machine?

I haven’t looked into the force too much but I’m curious to know what you would prefer about it over the MPC? Is it just preference in design or something else?


You can get there from the main scree, tap the eye icon next to sequence then the crown button, you technically put it on the output couple, not the master, but I usually use 1/2 as master:

Or from menu, channel mixer, masters

As for the Force vs Live, I like the many pads and the difference it makes in thee way you sequence things, plus the clips on the Force are not audio only, but programs so it’s closer to how Ableton Live works.


Yeah, of all the things I regret selling, the blofeld is the only one I regret selling :wink:

As for the mpc, I think footprint wise I would prefer it over the force.
And I am more and more into linear writing and want to get better at keys too, so that being said I think the live might work better for me. Plus, I’ve owned other mpcs, so I am ok with it tbh.


I have a DFAM! Its a real luxury item and ive listed it to sell it but really i actually want to keep it (plus i dont think anybody is gonna buy it) so i might just have to really dive deeper into debt to get where im tryna go in terms of my setup. Now if you would all kindly chip in and send me a 606…


lol I figured you’d like it for the bass/snare “preset” alone. And then I like it for the “happy accident” stuff. I actually intend to do more semi-modular myself at some point and it plays out mono so I’m sampling it into the Digitakt here and there.

A 606 aye? That would probably be neat to play around with. I’ve just never really worked acidy stuff into my music.


My Deckard’s Dream arrived this morning. Only had an hour or two to play with it, but it’s everything I ever wanted in a poly synth. So lush, so regal, I’m in love.


Pictures or GTFO!


It looks a beautiful synth, speaking of Dekards and CS80s it makes you wonder what Yamaha have planned seems they’ve recently put out a suggestion/questionnaire for if “they ever made another “CS80”


I think Behringer did a possible CS-80 “leak” recently too.


Just watched Nick Batt review the Minilogue XD, what a beautiful synth, a no-brainer for somebody just starting out (or somebody who’s been in it for years lol)


No pics, but I did get a recording done just tweaking the synth as a one bar sequence loops.

Edited in a pic of the Japanese row


@Ghroth Gorgeous


I still miss my microkorg. Thing sounded so good. Obviously not the same thing


Had to make another demo, a bit more musical this time, sequenced and accompanied by a Digitone for bass and drums

Edit for v2 with a few DD overdubs


ToneDeck, a sweet marriage


@Ghroth both demos sounding sweet, don’t believe I was even aware of that Deckard’s Dream synth but I think you picked a good one.


Elektron Studios Berlin opening next week. Word on the street is they are releasing a new big box unit to coincide with the opening, and superbooth as well, which is right around the same time. I predict maybe a digikeys. The only clue from Elektron so far is it’s new and “big.”