The Hardware Megathread


Who uses the ‘Roland-Verselab’ here? What do you use it primarily for?

I know it’s kind of an all in one function to go dawless but I have a ton of hardware synths, drum machines, semi-modular, etc., and it is the only piece of gear I haven’t found a way to relate to. Thinking it may just become another sampler function for me but wanted input from other fellows using it


the 8pre has 8 inputs vs the 16 of the 16Rig. It doesn’t have outputs on the front. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm input on the front. It doesn’t have USB ports. These are all important for me and why it’s on my radar.

I don’t really need 8 mic pres, and while you’re probably right about the converters that isn’t really something I’m worried about in 2023.



That KAOSS Replay looks great, the only thing that was nagging me during the review is why didnt Korg give it a sequencer


I bought this M8 quite a while ago, its just the last week or so I’ve started getting my head around it as its nowhere near as instant as the polyend tracker, but my god what a brilliant little machine.
here’s a little sketch.


Just bought this to sit in my resampling chain… crimbo period GAS satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t even care about the no sequencer, this would be fun as hell on the fx loop of my DJ mixer.

edit: oh fuck that, 1,000 USD lol I don’t want it that bad


No way in hell would I drop a grand on that Frankenstein piece of kit.


In fact, I’d pay 899 for this long before I gave Korg a grand for their thing….


You have some substantial pieces of hardware in your kit guys.


you are not alone, that’s a very common complaint. Seems bizarre.


well now I am 100% anti-Decksaver. My Push, Maschine+, Launchpad X, and probably Livid DS-1 if I can find it, all have marks/scratches on their sides, and even the top…

Oh, the irony.

In other news, I sold that Push and bought an APC64 to celebrate getting a silly deal for a Live 11 upgrade.

It will not be getting a Decksaver once available :upside_down_face:

As much as they charge, they should update their product with paper-thin strips of foam where it touches gear… :woman_shrugging:t2:

So anyway, and actually unrelated, I do happen to have a sewing machine that was recently given to me, so I guess I better get to work making my own covers :upside_down_face: (so it’s now more related)


Shockingly only $300 and not $3000

Not buying one even if it’s tempting… though tbh if I was in the market for a SP-404 this would be more on my radar


I ordered an ERAE Touch with a european adapter. They charged $51 to ship it, oof. The site said the US adapter one was out of stock and wouldn’t let me order -_- I was big mad until I went “silly bitch it’s a DC barrel adapter” lol…

Imagine telling people something is out of stock over a power adapter lol. It’s 12V 2A, I’ll find one during the “1-2 weeks” it says it’ll take to ship…

Edit Having buyer’s remorse already lol. And I found a $30 guitar to MIDI plugin for expressive MIDI playing…


This on looks really cool, I wonder if it works as good as It looks.


Apparently there is/was a problem with the fader crapping out.


Have you tried reaching out to the distributor.


Yeah I reluctantly preordered one using a 10% off code, so it was closer to $800 or so with free shipping.

I also have their T1 sequencer and like it a lot, so I bit. I really would like to see what it can do, but the specs seem very interesting and I think it’d pair very well with an Octatrack.


Hello my fellow hardware people, I hope you’re well!

I thought I’d be nice, show my face around, share in preview the deranged mini Xmas EP I’m releasing tomorrow, all made on MPC of course, then disappear a bit longer.

I see that the hardware megafaces are always the same, which is nice…

And hardware update, I shrunk it all down to MPC and Sp-404 mkii, but the latter doesn’t get much use…


Looking forward to sitting down with this later. I remember being really impressed by the work you did with the Microfreak on an EP a few years back, so I expect great things here!


Also, I mentioned elsewhere that I was working on a trade this weekend, that went down this morning, and I’m now short one blue Super6 and up one white Super6 module.

Someone on Elektronauts seemed desperate for a trade, and I walked away with enough cash to pay for my first semester of grad school textbooks. Plus, now I have room on that top tier for another module later next year…