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This is the complete opposite. Apart from kick and snare every single sound has been sampled by some other Xmas song.

A workhorse collection is sure to inspire a newbie on what to get for his first guitar.

I have a fun weekend project ahead of me. Replacing the knobs on my matrixbrute. The originals started getting rubbery/gunky last year. Got a new job and with my first spare money I splurged on a set of sandblasted aluminum knobs from lovemyswitches (which is not a website frequented by S&M enthusiasts despite the name). I looked into original replacements and while they would be about 1/3 the price, I’d also know I’m going to be here again in 5-8 years and would depend on Arturia still feeling like selling them to me. I figure if I’m going to do this let’s do it once.

Unfortunately, I have to adapt the the shafts to use these knobs, but my choice of knobs without the adapter is pretty slim because Arturia uses D-shafts with a 270 degree offset. Not pictured below is the process of aligning the knob to the shaft.

Just need to do that 43 more times!

Also, I have some done from last week, I bought a few knobs to test and make sure they worked OK before I bought the full set. Full picture when done, but I went for copper for all the volume controls, bare aluminum to replace all the white encoders, and teal for everything else.


hahahaha that’s gold

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Looking good! I thought this would take longer to do than it did, but I was done in about 2 hours spread out in a couple of bursts throughout the day. I had one knob with a stripped setscrew so I’m going to ask for a replacement on that and get that last knob in the bottom left done. Need to do the faders when I get my next paycheck, that will be a quick job. Unfortunately, all the buttons are starting to exhibit the same gunk buildup. AND I do not feel like taking all these knobs off so that I can remove to front panel to get them out and replace them. I’ll look into cleaning them for now, or maybe masking the panel and scraping whatever this godforsaken goo is off.


I’m finding a lot of the rubbery finishes on instruments perish quickly. I had a Numark Orbit which i used maybe a handful of times. It mostly just stayed in its carry bag in a draw. Even that perished into this same gooey gross shit. Has happened to some of my brothers gear too. Only thing to do is wipe it off with acetone and xylene which is fucking toxic, but it works. Caution though, it also will wipe off anything printed on the unit.

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Yeah, I’ve heard acetone elsewhere too, which is paint thinner if I’m not mistaken. Hence my masking intentions.

I bought one of these recently “for my kids”. I bought the SK2 version

Luckily since my kids aren’t born yet, I should get at least a good year or so to make sure it’s up to their standards… you know, play with it, test it out, do some sound design, maybe make sure It can be used to make music, record a few tracks, etc.

But here’s my predicament, since I’m having twins, I feel like it’s unfair for them to have to fight over one of these… I think maybe I should get another one so they can each have their own… what do you guys think?

  • Yes: get the “After Dark” version
  • Yes: get another SK2 version
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I would probably wait until they start using it. One of them may not be interested, or both ? But if they are both keen then you can get another then

I recorded/sampled racking the slides of my two pistols, and the charging handle of my baby AR (it shoots .22LR lol, it’s just a fun/cheap range toy). Also did some reloads. 24-bit, 44.1kHz, did a little processing with my Vertigo VSM-3 plugin because honestly they sounded pretty weak lol. New at this… just used my LCT 240 condenser mic, I might do it again later using like, one mic close and one in the room or something? Who knows…

I think it came out pretty okay.

it’s a Ruger SR40c and a Smith & Wesson M&P40 M2.0 Compact, and M&P15-22 (files are foldered and labeled)

custom/modded Akai Force firmware MockbaMod :open_mouth:


Thank you for sharing. Is that your instructional video?

No that is so not me XD My avatar was made from a picture of me.

I also walk around in a purple suit of armor, awaiting the Synth Apocalypse to fight the enemies of electronica.

Unrelated, Korg dropped this:

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Consolidating all your guitar stuff into one picture could be a fun project!

P.S. I personally dig those shots wherein you lay next to your gears and have a birds eye view photo taken.

oh thats hot - I wonder if this is possible for the MPC One/Live/X?

in theory, I think it should be possible since they all run the same hardware SoC (aside from the units with 4GB of RAM).

I went on a road trip and bought a bunch of random cassette tapes I came across. I hoped one was a mixtape, but alas it was not. I found an old MusicTech DVD from Feb 2012, too lol. I can’t wait to dig into it for the samples for funsies.

Sadly the place had only a few musical things. They even had an OLD East West orchestra library on f’ing CD lol. I wasn’t paying $80 for that, not a chance XD The supported OS including the original Universal Binary logo and it said Windows XP and Vista lol…

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Ooof. Vintage software is almost a thing but I think we’re not quite there yet.

it has a demo of TAL U-No-62 (which is now a deprecated free product no longer supported)

Some of these samples are pretty cool.

Still bummed I didn’t stumble across an 80s or 90s Houston hiphop mixtape lol.

281-330-8004 its Mike Jones on the low!

Ahhhhhh h-town rap!

Have you been down the Viper train?