The Hardware Megathread


Isla Caladan Preorders are live:

I have the money, but… I dunno. I want it, I want it a lot lol, but… I dunno where I’d put it and I think I’m also FOMOing. It’s cool and great and… I don’t want to drop $1000 right now =/ weird, I was so looking forward to this originally…

And I really don’t want to buy it with 2 or 4 Parva voices I don’t want. I sold my Parva >_>

I think I’m just going to pass on this one, sadly, even knowing it will just get more expensive after the preorder. I think I’d be more inclined if I didn’t have $200 worth of unwanted voice cards crammed down my throat


I found myself in a similar position with software last night. The UAD studer tape plugin, which has been on my wishlist forever, is on sale for $40. So I looked at it, watched a few demos, and I realized that I have some killer tape plugins already - and I’m not even using them. So why should I spend the money on the UAD? Same thing with Korg Modwave Native, on sale and one that I really do want, but when I really looked into my soul I thought that I’m not getting enough out of the half dozen wavetable VSTs I already have, so I passed on that too. I am buying furniture for my home office, though applying to a bunch of in-person jobs right now so IDK if I’ll even use that either.

Take solace that if it feels a little boring it’s probably responsible and the right thing to do - my whole life feels that way :smile:


missing out on a hardware device that is allegedly going to be able to run VSTs in some fashion is a bummer, but yeah, I’m just not hyped for it like I was while waiting. Or I’m also depressed today which has been a problem lately, too :eyes:

Edit I didnt math right; it’s $400 worth of cards I don’t want…


I was the same I blew hot & cold, kept putting it in my basket then changing my mind.

If it had been more of a finished product maybe I might of bought it.

But just saying we might do this and we might do that just wasn’t selling it to me.

Brad said they’ll be a OPL3 card but I have a Twisted electrons Blast beats
Brad said they’ll be a SID card but I have Twisted electrons Therapsid
Brad said they’ll be a 303 card but I have a Abstrakt instruments Avalon ordered.

I had to keep asking myself what is the Caladan going to give me.
If I want analog with polyphony the behringer Pro-800 is a much cheaper option.

Yeah i’m going to sit this one out and see how it developes.





Huh, I was kinda hoping that would be closer to like $1,000-1,500, but nice try Waldorf?


dude every setup photo i’ve seen in this thread is making me so jealous omg


honestly, for me, having a few key pieces of gear and finishing things in my daw has been my most productive setup, the more hardware I have the more time I spend routing, trouble shooting and just noodling – which all can be its own fun for sure


aye fair enough


Slow and steady man (or woman, we have a few of those around here). I almost bought my first synth 3 times before the time was right and I finally got one. Then it was about another year before I got my second. And so on.

And you if you find it’s not for you, then it’s not for you - you can buy some amazing VSTs for hardware money. For my part, I find that I write and come up with sound ideas on my hardware, but then I translate all of that into soft synths and work in my DAW rather than recording my hardware.


Not discouraging you at all. Just sharing my personal experience. (For a variety of reasons) I am down to just two samplers, CDJs/mixer, and laptop, but I dig it, really straightforward


i appreciate the input c:


FWIW, I don’t own any musical hardware at all. It just forces you to get good faster :smiley:


$1300 street price… it does solve a lot of problems/issues for me, though…

16 line inputs in a single 1U rack is definitely nice, though. No one else is doing that and the whole 8 inputs limit has been pretty annoying, imo.

BANNED :joy:


The gears I found in this thread makes me drool.


My Focusrite clarett 8pre does exactly that, has far better converters and a lot cheaper too.


Well I had been waiting a while for this one (RISE2 being too expensive for my expected light use), so I pre-ordered it today.

Batch 1, shipping late March 2024. Much excite!

Also: I have a 10% off code which may work more than once, if anybody wants it - just DM. Being in California, it basically prevents you from paying tax.


Even as an Osmose owner, I’ll be jealous of your epic slides from note to note.


The sliding bit is the main reason I wanted one. That, and the vibrato possibilities :slight_smile: