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I got one of these used/b-stock a few years ago and I’ve been very pleased with it. Don’t let the price scare you, I think I got mine for around $300. I ADAT the 8 channels into my 18i20, and I have mic pres and compressors on them all. If I ever get into hardware drum machines, I’ll have a compressor for each channel.


I’ve looked at ADAT stuff before to add more inputs, what I was trying to say is wanting just a single mic pre if I needed to use a mic, since the S2400 has no mic preamp. But I guess I might as well just keep the 18i20 since it takes up no desk space. I tend to overcomplicate things…

Unrelated… I really liked the idea of my Parva (even though I sold it…)

Still no word on S2400 expansion cards that I know of :woman_shrugging:t2:

Edit Apparently there are plans for an 8 out upgrade card that puts variable filters on every output, and not just the 1-2 and then fixed cutoff outputs. And iirc new units going forward once that’s available will be built that way.

Kind of oof and I’m sure that upgrade will be expensive AF lol. We’ll see.


I know how you feel, I guess it’s the early adopter tax.

I got the Super6 keyboard like 6 months before they announced the Super6 desktop, which would have been perfect for me because I need another keyboard like I need another hole in my head. And now they’ve dropped prices, so I’d lose money if I were to try and sell my KB for a desktop.

I just tell myself I’ll be happy in 50 years when my slider pots are an off the shelf part and the desktop’s custom sliders are unobtanium…


I think there was also mention of delays in addon cards because they focused on getting 2400s to to people during chip shortages, and ofc their new Parva-inspired synth also with addon cards to make it do FM, Oberheim, etc sounds… (Caladan)

I wouldn’t buy the new output card unless I started using the S2400 a lot more…


The DSP card announced in the works in 2022 is aims to be able to run modified 3rd-party VSTs. And further digging, there is a beta with Soundtoys going for the S2400 :open_mouth: (some asshat just made a forum post in the Soundtoys beta tester area :unamused: )


The Guardian of the Sound


Someone on the Isla forum has worn out a pad on their S2400… a little concerning. Will be watching to see how Isla handles it for them.


Blimey, they must have Tennis elbow and Carpal tunnel syndrome



ooooh… are these 20kHz in stereo or is that mono? Or does 20K bandwidth mean something else?

Unrelated, I think I bought the last S2400 Decksaver outside of buying direct lol. Most places are out of stock, or “can get one” but Juno Records had one for like 60 quid shipped to the US. Two day shipping (only choice) that doesn’t include weekends is the bane of my f’ing existence.

But this thing is f’ing expensive as hell now, and arguably the single most well-built piece of gear I own right now, and it’s front and center on my desk. I’m not taking a risk spilling or dropping something on those faders :joy:


Quadraverb is a stereo processor.

I just couldn’t spend a lot of money on a deck saver I cover my gear with a towel.


I’m very paranoid, a catastrophizer, and if having a bad brain day (ADHD) can be clumsy. There’s at least one time with my Maschine+ I went “Oh thank goodness” lol.


This will look so good next to my S2400…

Caladan is their Parva-inspired synth with multiple voice card types that can be put into it. FM, SEM, Moog-style, etc.


Yeah, he showed a Caladan next to a 2400 and it’s like they were made for each other. Same design, buttons, etc. It even uses the S2400 side panels lol

But I came here to post this for your sample needs… public domain/free stuff


This looks like another step closer to the dream of putting some electrodes on my head and getting the exact song I have in mind out into the world.


I might be one of the few people who would never want to use that. Even though the potential for that kind of technology is amazing (and should absolutely exist), I couldn’t think of anything that would ruin the fun of making music faster than just having it flow straight from your brain into the DAW.


I think there are times I’d like to use it, but there’s definitely music that exists in part because of the technical processes that are used to make it (DNB and acid jump to mind) and I don’t think those would be best made on something like this. I’d probably use something like this 25% of the time, depending on the quality. Or it might be the start of the track, but I’d then produce around it.

The big thing for me, is I don’t know enough music theory to hear anything more than a major/minor chord and know what it is, let alone what key it’s in and what degree within that key. I can fumble it together, sometimes, and many times I completely lose the idea in my head because I never figure out what it is before I can get it into MIDI to see what I was hearing. That’s where I would like this.


someone will hook this up, take several hits of acid, and go to work :joy: mark my words lol

hooked my Analog Keys up - MIDI controller and as a synth itself. It only barely fits on the Output keyboard tray: the rubber feet don’t line up well with the cut out. Once I retrobrite the keys on my K5000S it may replace it, though.

Not that I think the AK is all that special anymore, but it’s fun to mess around with. I should sell it and a bunch of my other stuff so that I have money at the ready to pull the trigger on a tricked out Isla Caladan when it goes beyond prototype to preorder…


Ughhhhh, of course the day after I take apart my studio and pack it up to remodel Expressive E puts out the first update for Osmose…

In other news Groove Synthesis have the 3rd Wave as a desktop synth now and that drops the price from $5000 for the keyboard to $3500 for the module. That takes it from 98% not going to buy it all the way down to 94% not going to buy it.

In all seriousness, I’ve been really impressed by the demos, BUT if I were going to spend that much on a digital synth I think I’d really want sampling so I could throw cheesy symphonic samples into my hardware sessions. I love the textures from the wavetable, but I discovered how to do that in Vital recently so yeah…


well this just happened